10 ways to make money and build additional income streams with TomBruce

Tommy TomBruce Makhobela - Change Pioneer | Brand Architect | Digital Marketing Strategist | Creative | Content Curator shares his top 10 ways to make money and additional income streams


1. STOCKS: shares are a better way to invest in your future, however it needs time to learn and it’s a long term thing than short term.

2. FOREX: Now I have a bitter affiliation to this as someone has scammed people on this using my image which I HAVE NO RELATIONS WITH, however I know a lot of money can be made exchanging currencies, it’s legit and I know a lot of people who transformed their lives trading.

3. RESELLING: Easy way to make money, you don’t have to own a product of your own, just resell someone’s and add your mark up and enjoy the profits, simple! This is what we currently doing with masks, gloves, sanitizers etc coz there’s demand.

4. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING: You can be a brand influencer, you can market other people’s business and use your following as an advantage, this is easy money as you don’t have to stress much, I manage Big cooperations Social Media platforms that you may follow even small ones, and you can charge anything from R5K – R100K monthly by managing peoples platforms. Just need the know how.

5. E-COMMERCE SITE: You can be a Jeff Bezos Too, you love weaves and wigs? Open a website and let people order and you go use their money to buy the product and deliver, this can be done for any product out there, you don’t have to own your product, someone buys what they see on your website and then you go look for it and buy it then deliver, however don’t put something you have no knowledge on how to get.

6. EVENTS: Events have a lot of money, A LOT! This year alone I lost over million from the events that were cancelled, However you can be part of any event, resell their tickets and add your R2, promote the event and they pay you, secure a sponsor for the event and get a percentage of it, you can do quite a lot in the event space and it’s really nice yet stressful.

7. CRYPTO CURRENCY: There’s a whole lot of coins out there that you can buy now and they appreciate in value either short or long term, things like bitcoins are not scams, they are there to help you have a diverse portfolio and make money from just buying and selling later.

8. INVESTMENTS: Investments are broad, you can invest in online business, through banks, invest in a small company, there’s a whole range of options available that you can do. However don’t invest on something you have no knowledge on.

9. NETWORK MARKETING: This is a “reap what you sow” game, a lot of people do it and I’ve seen a whole lot people fire their bosses and become their own bosses through this industry, it only works when you work, you can make a lot of money here, I’ve seen people from rags to multi-millionaires out of this, this industry has produced a lot of millionaires than many industries.

10. CONTENT CURATION: People get paid for their intellectual property, I’ve made a lot of money from just taking a picture for a brand, more like brand influencing but here you get paid for your creativity, here’s the dope part for this, now you can get paid for anything you know if you have a lot of knowledge around it, I’m mentoring life coaches to write books, do YouTube videos, market their craft online etc, here you get paid for your creativity and it’s a nice game.

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