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Opinion Peace… May we find peace in intimacy and Money
Human beings are born from sex, we use sex as a tool to connect and form relations that consist of unifications and devotions.


Looking deeper in to sexual nature, every living thing mates, that means sex is a natural process and the bodies we possess naturally progress towards preparing us for the actual act of intercourse, hence we go through puberty, and the very reasons why we have desires and fantasies.

Sex is not only for reproduction but it is also a deeply therapeutic ritual designed to bring us the art of pleasure an out of body experience. The beginning of sexual awakening: It is at this stage so many things go wrong if sexual education provided here is detached from integrity, affection and intimacy, this is where and how sexual perpetrators are born and groomed. Because people don’t know where to go for detailed and explicit sexual education, only porn is able to provide this, but currently at a cost of a brutal narrative. We come from a history that puts shame upon sex and finds talking openly about sexuality, sex and sensuality a taboo and a great Pinyane (secret).

Porn ancient teachings
Ancient teachings, even in the primitive time, focused on detailed sexual education with visual images, we find evidence of this in the caves, and this was education not the current state of pornography, the learning was guided and the curriculum delivered in a manner that preserved dignity through explicit teachings. Many different people use different mediums to learn about sex, weather to learn how to do it for the first time, or learn how to achieve more pleasure, while others use it to quench repressed desires they cannot express in the waking reality. These mediums can range from visual, written, audio, and imagery, these all play a significant role in shaping sex and sexual behaviour. Now problem begins when these mediums promote a rape culture and dehumanising women and children or rather submissive parties within the production. This is where I Spirit come in, to change the porn narrative not to abolish it, my concept rotates around providing educational content that is both entertaining and also educational, promoting sensuality, intimacy and safety in sexual exploration and sexual relationships.

Porn ancient teachings

We have every right to tell our sexual stories as we wish and in manner that will educate our children, since we exist in a digital world and our children can access the virtual world, the porn world must be structured in a safe way and porn hub is willing to work with society to create that space. People are more comfortable and accepting of written porn or rather erotica, well because it is accepted in society and perceived as part of literature, but when it comes to visual content, we are quick to see the wrong in it, because in our minds we still see sex as a taboo, we deem it wrong and damaging, society does everything to demonise it, while the whole world has sex every second, on the internet highway: traffic is caused by viewing porn. Pornography is one of the world leading industry that produces billions of money and offers opportunity to everyone of a legal age to tell their story and earn while at it.

Sex work, be it virtual, physical or written is the world’s oldest profession but still today it is marginalised as though we don’t have sex and these days tape ourselves in our private homes; we have collections of pornography in our personal spaces. An average adult has seen it in a life time, teens have seen more naked women/men than a community and their ancestors combined. We have humans in the industry who deserve respect and want to be recognised as professionals, they need for labour law to recognise their career as part of making money and must be equally protected by law. But instead as a state we persecute and criminalize what these people do, we want to direct what they should do with their bodies and we want to take away their god given free will to express themselves as they wish. The porn industry has its flaws like any other industry, it has promoted a lot of material that promote rape culture, but we forget this is acting, a production just like any other movie that can promote any kind of ideology an behavioural challenges, but we tend to be very rigid when it comes to adult entertainment as a country, imagine the power this medium can have if the stories are written by us, directed by us. South Africa as a country is not openly speaking about the state of porn directly, but they do not prevent people from producing porn, as long as it is distributed in accredited institutions and adhering international bodies.

The South African government is currently considering a new bill ( the film and amendment bill) which amongst other things, proposes legalising and decriminalizing online distribution of pornography. Apart from the proposed legalising of online pornography, the Bill contains certain commendable interventions, such as prohibiting and criminalising “revenge porn” ( videos made to humiliate others and without knowledge of the participant), child pornography, depictions of sexual assault and depictions of violence against children. It also requires distributors of online pornography to put measures in place to ensure that children will not be able to access their content. There is however no indication what these measures will be and the conversation still continue.
On 06 March 2018, the National Assembly (1st house of Parliament) adopted the Bill. The Bill will next go before the National Council of Provinces ( 2nd house of parliament) to be debated, followed by a vote to decide whether the legislative proposals will be adopted or not.

Up to now, South African law has provided that adult content may only be legally distributed/broadcasts and accessed/viewed inside licenced adult premises, such as Adult world and other legally regulated bodies.
Although these are the terms now, we must remember that South Africa is a democratic country, every person is not only a number, but has a voice. Your voice will make a difference if you advocate for what you feel needs to be looked at.
Currently within adult entrainment there are many opportunities from, producers, writers, directors, models, photographers, however when we think about porn we automatically think, it is illegal and that everyone involved must be perverted and unstable, however the opportunities are regulated by relevant bodies and authorities that clearly state the legal requirements and verification of the involved, from consent to acting and distribution
 In looking for opportunities within the industry, one must be weary of scams, Any porn related opportunity from unrecognised institutions and unauthorised personnel without any legal documentation, proper company registration, and unrecognised online distribution links are there to Con you and unlawfully distribute your work.

 When material is not distributed to appropriate audience of a legal age, this could be harmful. Being asked to perform degrading acts, being forced to work on things that cause you discomfort. Not being subjected to full medical tests regularly, not receiving a contract that state your role and pay per scene or movie.
Porn industry has its own recruiters and also there is an open recruitment, it is important to work for a reputable and well recognised industries like hub, 2.blacked and 3.brazzers which have existing legal structures and can be traced back from your application. Every upload is evaluated, all person in videos are validated and verified that all parties consent to the act and the publication, with all legal documents signed, be through online recruitment or via an Agent.


Sex is not the enemy, porn is not the enemy, the enemy is the mentality around sex, sexuality, intimacy and visualisation, as citizens we can change the narrative, make the industry more safe, take control of the stories we want to see, only if we can get over the fear of intimacy and nudity

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