5 Sweet and Short Spring Cleaning Tips

Unclutter Your Home and Mind


Hello, Spring! It is the time of rebirth and regrowth. So what are you waiting for? Get active, have a focused mind, get creative with your home and at work.

Psychology says when we clean our home, we feel more motivated and are able to accomplish more things at work. Organising something in your control, like your home or table at work, can help you deal with mental issues (looking at you, anxiety). It also kicks your creativity into gear. The simplest task as getting your bed done every morning makes a huge difference in your day.

Listed down below are tasks you can start using to spring clean your home. This will help you feel motivated and looking forward to the Spring season with enthusiasm and positive energy.1. Clean your Windows
A great way to start off your spring season is when you wake up in the morning and see those beautiful flowers, that sunshine hitting your face and those beautiful clouds smiling at you. C’mon, you cannot tell me this won’t make your day. Imagine opening your curtains with all that beauty outside and all you see is dusty and foggy Windows. Not Ayoba. So get those Windows cleaned. It only takes 4 minutes max to get one window cleaned.

2. DeclutterThrow away everything that is broken (laughs inside). We all keep broken things at home sometimes, but it’s time to get rid of them now. Open your kitchen and bathroom cupboards and get rid of everything not in use. Throw out expired food and toiletries. Also, tear every letter you won’t be needing anymore. All the letters that you will need in the future, place them in a shoe box, or rather go and buy a beautiful vanity box that matches with your decor.

3. Reorganize your space
Organise your living room, bedrooms and dining room (Feng Shui that place up!). Switch things up a bit. Change your bedding into a spring theme, change your curtains and purchase some little simple spring decor items to do that. Your home stores should be updated every season, just like they update fashion. Go get yourself some pretty stuff and feel motivated and inspired.
4. Deep clean the ovenThis is your time to get that oven deep cleaned. Grease, begone!

5. Wipe down your baseboards and molding

This is how you keep them brand new. If they are really stained, get them painted. Make sure they look and stay brand new. This makes a huge difference in your home. It brightens it up and livens your spirit.

Apply these cleaning tasks this September and there’s no way you won’t look forward to coming home. Keep your house fresh and clean. Down below, I’ve included a picture on how to keep it sparkling.


I hope you enjoyed this article. If you have cleaning tips or hacks, please let us know, we’d love to use them. Just comment down below. Also, please show off your spring decor by tagging us on Instagram.

Have a lovely Spring. Xoxo

Article written by Sandy (Insta)