5 Ways to Improve Your Selfie Game

By Zimbeni Mphande

A selfie is perhaps the 21st century’s most narcissistic from of self-worship. It involves taking pictures of one’s self, repeatedly, while posing. As straight forward as this may seem, selfies often turn out disastrously. Luckily, there are methods to the madness that involve 5 easy steps. These include; angles, timing, flash photography, grip and positioning your phone. (Broida, 2016)

Photogragh: Wu Yonging/Weibo
  1. Work your angles

Working your angles involves knowing which side of your face is the more aesthetically pleasing to the eye and angling your arm in a way that will allow you to capture your face to your liking. Of cause there are appearances that are less flattering and should be avoided if possible – like the dreaded double chin. The appearance of a double chin in your selfie is considered a selfie fail which can easily be avoided by stretching your arm “above your head, angled down towards your face(s).”  (Broida, 2016)


Photogragh: Segio Moraes/Reuters
  1. Timing is everything

Capturing the perfect selfie requires precision in the timing of when to press the shutter. Doing this while you’re moving will result in a blurry, unfocussed image. Fortunately, “most camera apps include the self timer option,” (Broida, 2016) which removes the burden of having to press the button manually and instead does it for you after a set time, allowing you to capture a still image.


Photogragh: Freepik.com
  1. Flash Photography

Some of the latest smart phones are equipped with “front facing LEDs,” because “more light equals better pictures.” (Broida, 2016) If your phone doesn’t have this feature, then you can illuminate your face by using “a rechargeable, self-powered LED fill light that plugs into your phone’s headphone jack.” (Broida, 2016)

  1. Get a good handle on your phone

You need to have a comfortable grip on your phone if you’re going to take good selfies. There are many accessories such as the selfie stick which “gives you a more comfortable way to hold the phone during selfies.” (Broida, 2016)

Photogragh: Freepik.com


  1. Positioning your phone

In order to take the perfect eye-level selfie, your phone needs to be perfectly positioned. Innovators have come up with countless inventions to help you do this. But perhaps the most thoughtful is the NanoHold; “a specially designed sticky-pad that adheres to the back of your phone or flat case.” (Broida, 2016) This allows the selfie taker to do away with the selfie stick by simply sticking their phone on a wall and simultaneously using the self-timer to take the perfect selfie.

With these 5 easy steps, there aren’t any excuses for dimly lit, underwhelming self-portraits that summon the shade-throwing trolls of Twitter or diminish your self-esteem. Use them now, thank me later.

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