7 Tips to Remember When Shopping

Get more for less!


Shopping, particularly clothes, is usually an obsession for us millennials. But you know, life is expensive and we can’t always afford that new pair of leather boots or that super cute cardigan.

Well, here are some tips to keep in mind to stay fashionable on a BUDGET!

  1. SALES!


I can never walk passed a sale sign and NOT go into the shop to check it out.

Sales can be really beneficial when it comes to an item you just can’t afford. With a little bit of patience, that exact same item might be affordable in a month or two. You must be vigilant though because it is known that some shops will advertise a sale but when you look carefully on the tags, they scratched out the original price and replace it with a higher price. Insane, right!

The reason behind it is that psychologically, people are automatically drawn to sale signs. When they look at the price, they think they are saving money, when in fact they are being scammed.

Luckily not ALL shops are the same, so we can still go a bit crazy when we find a good one.

  1. Mix and Match:

mix & match-7-SALe-7-tips-shopping

While you are browsing, try and imagine that specific piece of clothing with something you already own. If you can’t think of at least three outfits you can make with it, then it’s probably for the best to leave it behind.

With this kind of mind-set, shopping choices will become much easier.

Try and shop according to colours that complement each other and try to stick with only a few varieties so that you know you have multiple outfits with the same items.

You can never go wrong with Black and White items because they literally go with everything!

Here are some examples:

  • KHAKI GREEN: black, brown, white, grey
  • NAVY BLUE: white, rose pink, gold, brown, tan, grey, maroon
  • COBALT BLUE: turquoise, white, black, grey
  • PINK: white, yellow, black, grey, orange, grey, brown
  • PURPLE: black, white, grey, coral, grey
  • ORANGE: black, white, blue, grey
  • LIGHT BLUE: pink, orange, white, black, grey, brown
  • RED: blue, white, black, yellow, grey
  1. Factory Outlet stores:

Outlet stores are the bomb!

All the stores you love to buy from needs to take their old stock somewhere, right?

And then most of the items are up to half the original price. Sure you got it a few months later than everyone else, but no one will even notice.

Just be sure to check the quality of some of the items because they can be factory rejects so the quality won’t necessarily be the same as the originals. It is known that some items are specifically manufactured for outlet stores so that they can ask less.

So when you are in two minds about an item that you know you will wear a lot, rather spend extra bucks for the original so that you have the peace of mind that it will last you longer.

  1. Nothing to wear?

It’s always a good idea to repack your closet every season.

So when you go through all the clothing you will make a mental note of what you have, so that the next time you come across an End of Season sale you know what to get instead of having duplicates.

The bonus of repacking every season is that you can throw out the items you didn’t wear that season to make some space for the new ones.

And to be honest, going through your own wardrobe can feel like shopping too, because you always find something you forgot you had.


  1. Online Shopping:


Online shopping can either make or break you. I’m sure all of us have tried it before, so you either love it, or despise it.

Don’t fall into the trap though. It’s so easy to scroll through all the fashion forward items and just adding it to your “cart” so before you know it, you are way over the amount you initially wanted to spend.

Before you click on the “check out” button, go through all the items and ask yourself “do I really need this?”; “do I own something similar?”; “Will I wear it a lot?”, all these types of questions will help you decide whether or not to make that purchase.

The other downside to online shopping is that you don’t know what it would look like on your unique body type, or whether their sizes are accurate or not. But then again if you are comfortable in anything and you have a pretty good idea how the sizes work all over, then online shopping is definitely up your ally. You can sit in the comfort of your own home or at work surfing the net for the best deals, so you end up saving time AND fuel!


  1. Cash over Card


Yes, I know it’s so much easier to just swipe a card, but when you pay with cash you physically see your money and psychologically it’s more difficult to get it over your heart to pay something expensive, thus you will revaluate your need for the specific item and possibly saving yourself from making a mistake.

This might be a silly tip, but believe me, separation anxiety with your money you worked hard for is definitely a THING!

  1. Emotional Shopper?


Last, but not the least… DON’T shop when you are upset, tired, angry or lonely.

Yes, I understand the need is so intense, especially under those circumstances, but alas it is very dangerous.

While stuck in a negative mood we tend to self-pity-shop, we convince ourselves that we deserve it, but at the end of it all, we most probably just wasted money on things we either did not need or will never use.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t do that every once in a while, because be realistic, we really DO deserve it occasionally, life can be a real you-know-what sometimes.

**Article was submitted by Simei Becker, so feel free to follow her on Facebook and Instagram.