Album Review: Miguel’s “War and Leisure”

War and Leisure is an absolute banger!


War and Leisure is the fourth studio album by American singer/songwriter Miguel released on December 1, 2017 under the record label RCA Records.

Miguel, whose real name is Miguel Jontel Pimantel, was born 32 years ago in San Pedro, California to a Mexican-American father and an African-American mother. He demonstrates his diverse cultural background in this album, which features his first song sung mainly in Spanish (Carmelo Duro). He sings “regalome un puco de azucur,” which means ‘give me some sugar’ in Spanish. It isn’t hard to imagine where the inspiration for this one came from.


The Grammy winner , whose music is characterised by his sexually charged lyrics, shows us his politically aware side in a song that could possibly be directed at the US president (because there has to be more to him than always wanting to party and have a good time, right?). In a song titled ‘Now,’ he sings about how “it’s plain to see a man’s integrity by the way he treats those he does not need”.

The song ends with the artist’s plea for people to put aside their political differences and help each other out. I like his new-found political wokeness, it shows maturity.

Miguel’s latest project is well composed but it would be incomplete without a trademark booty call anthem like ‘Come Through and Chill,’ or a party track like ‘Sky Walker’ where he brags “I play for keeps and I don’t lose”.  He also encourages determination and a never-quit attitude with the lines: “Good things come to those that wait up, but don’t wait to jump in too long/don’t sleep; you’ve got to stay up”.

Although Miguel has been in the industry for a while now, he nearly wouldn’t have been because of some record label drama that he got himself into by walking away from his first indie label Black Ice. The record label sued him for nearly a million dollars in expenses, leaving his career in uncertainty.


He has thankfully gotten through that debacle and has really cemented his position in the industry, with all the psychedelic tunes he has dropped since. R&B just wouldn’t be the same without him.

Whether you’re jamming out at a house party or just taking in the festivities this holiday season, be sure to have War and Leisure playing in the background because every track is a banger.


Article by Zimbeni Mphande (Twitter)