All the Fuss About The Fussy Vegan

Restaurant manager talks everything you need to know about a plant-based lifestyle and more!


The Fussy Vegan is a budding, plant-based restaurant business which offers patrons a variety of vegan products with low environmental impacts.

Founded by Werner Prinsloo in 2018, The Fussy Vegan caters to a growing market of health-conscious people.  

One of its branches is sandwiched between Hillcrest and Jan Smuts avenues in Johannesburg’s leafy northern suburbs.

The Fussy Vegan is the archetypal business entity at the forefront of progressive food that fosters environmental consciousness in Johannesburg.

What is Veganism?

Veganism can be summarised as a way of life which attempts to eliminate all forms of ecological exploitation in consumption habits for ethical, health or environmental reasons or a blend of all three.

The culture has existed for centuries but has particularly been gathering mainstream momentum recently with endorsements from public figures and experts.

There are still many misconceptions about what it means to be vegan such as the notion that it is expensive, which is simply untrue as consuming plant-based food is far more sustainable than is widely perceived.

There are different categories of vegans, one of which comprises ethical vegans that believe all creatures have the right to life and therefore refrain from disrupting conscious beings’ lives by consuming their flesh, drinking their milk or wearing their skin.

Veganism can be summarised as a way of life which attempts to eliminate all forms of ecological exploitation in consumption habits for ethical, health or environmental reasons or a blend of all three.

Some people are attracted to veganism for its health benefits which can for example reduce the risk of contracting diseases such as cancer, type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease to name a few. (1 , 2 , 3 , 4 ,)

Environmental vegans choose to avoid animal products because of the detrimental impact they have on the environment. For instance, animal farmers abandon sustainable farming practices to export meat which erodes land causing climate change, poverty and malnutrition.  (Armstrong, Botzler, 2003)

The Fussy Vegan management

Paul is the manager at The Fussy Vegan’s Blairegowrie branch. To Paul, veganism is synonymous with compassion; compassion not only for people, but for animals and the environment.

Paul is an environmental activist and manager of The Fussy Vegan’s Blairgowrie branch Source: Instagram

This makes him an environmental vegan who feels The Fussy Vegan is the perfect match for his personality. “For me, The Fussy Vegan is just one of those things I think is a dream come true you know, just being actively involved in something this big.”

“I feel like there’s not a lot of people who actively support the environment, communities, the people around them and I truly believe The Fussy Vegan represents those values.”

It hardly seems coincidental that Paul is in charge of operations at the restaurant as he demonstrates the right sort of temperament needed to interact with the business’s stakeholders.

Besides being friendly and helpful, Paul is resourceful and is frustrated by the overall disregard many people have for their environment.

“It always used to bother me to see a lot plastic around me [and] to see a lot of resources being wasted and a lot of animals being killed.”

“I just never used to understand that but when I came around to The Fussy Vegan, that’s where I got most of my education of being a vegan.”

With regards to the food items on offer, Paul has a hard time picking a favourite, vouching instead for the quality of all the options which include delectable plant-based burgers, sandwiches, bowls, sides, drinks and much more.

The Kimchi & Avo Burger : Mushroom and lentil patty topped with avo, Kimchi and gouchujang mayo. Source: Instamgram

The Fussy Vegan has devised an interactive online ordering system to reduce the likelihood of transmission of the coronavirus in their stores.

“We have come up with this online ordering system, where a person can just order before they come around. It is so convenient because it really interacts with the customer and the software that we’re using is super friendly”.

Paul has high hopes for the future of The Fussy Vegan. “I feel like in a couple of years we are probably going to branch out to so many people because a lot of people have been making those requests. They love the food that we make, they love what we stand for and what we do as well.”

The bottom line

It is forecast that by the year 2025 the vegan meat market will be worth over $7.5 billion and that only 40% of the world’s population will consume meat by 2040. The markets for vegan cheese and baby food are also growing considerably. (5)

The personal benefits that can be derived from being a vegan are many and range from psychosocial to physiological wellbeing.

If you are feeling insecure about your immune system’s ability to combat terminal diseases you might want to give it a boost by converting to a vegan lifestyle.

The economic benefits of consuming affordable food during a time of financial uncertainty should also be considered here.

Whatever your motivations, Paul encourages anyone considering converting to veganism to visit their stores and have a chat with him or any of the other vegans who work or hang around them because support is crucial to this way of life.

You can follow The Fussy Vegan on Instagram and Facebook. Make sure you hashtag #thefussyveganza .