Apple To Spend $1 Billion on Original Programming

$1 Billion to kick-start Original Programming


Apple recently announced that they have made $1 Billion dollars available to spend on original programming.

The company, who poached two top Sony Execs in June, have said that they want to release 10 new original shows by the end of the year. The shows, should they be made, would be equal to the quality of shows such as Game of Thrones (HBO) and House of Cards (Netflix). That is a big ask. So writers, the time to polish your scripts is now.

However, as big a number as $1 Billion may sound, it is not close to Apple’s direct streaming competitors. Amazon has said it plans to spend $4.5 Billion this year, while Netflix has set its eyes on $6 Billion for next year.


It is unsure whether Apple, tens of millions of subscribers behind, can successfully mount a challenge against those streaming giants. Even if they do succeed and produce the 10 high-quality shows they promised, would it be enough to entice consumers to their services? Highly unlikely.

But what Apple has going for them is enough. They have millions of loyal people using their products every day. Will this video service be a thank you to them? Or does Apple have big plans in mind? They posted a net profit of $9 Billion last year, so even if this does come as a failure, it does not seem like they would suffer that much.

Only time will tell. I, for one, am looking forward to another company contributing high quality shows to the Golden Age of television.


Article Written by Uwais Khan (Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn)