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Trendiest places to thrift in South Africa


Want to contribute to sustainability, find affordable gems of clothing or you love fashion creativity, thrifting is your answer.  Our planet is heading for disaster and our love for fast affordable fashion is the reason why. The fashion industry contributes to 8-10% of global emissions, not mentioning the water use and explosive labour practices that go into making your favourite clothes. 

Thrifting is a way of life for so many people and it contributes to a more sustainable living. The benefits of thrifting are:

  • Reduces water footprints and uses fewer chemicals
  • Thrifting uses less energy 
  • Creates more thoughtful consumption 
  • Thrifting gives back to the community- many thrift stores donate a percentage of earnings to different charities and organizations
  • Thrifting is cheaper than buying from retailers

Now you might ask where are the best places to thrift?

The Mother City offers a wide range of thrift stores that are classic, high end and affordable. 

We are here to help you find the trendiest stores in Cape Town:

  • Better Half classics
  • Dress me
  • Afraid of mice (This place is gem to find archives from designer brands such as Prada, Versace and more)
  • Glitzerati
Source: Instagram – cripple_apparel_co_

Johannesburg is most definitely the city you will get value for your money with blazers ranging between R30-R50

Thrift stores in JHB:

  • Dunusa 
  • Small street
  • TV clothes 
  • Indigo thrift
  • Bounty hunter charity store
  • Junkies charity store

Pretoria is the new kid on the block when it comes to thrifting but we got you covered.

  • Daddy Cool
  • Vintro clothing
  • The vintage square thrift fair (you can spend hours browsing the stores and finding your favourite items at affordable
Source: Instagram- thevintagesquarethriftfair

Hope you enjoy your thrift journey fashion lovers.