UFO x 1575 Drummers: “Back to the Basics – The Cypher” Event

Retracing the roots of Hip-hop

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Hip Hop has been growing fast in South Africa in the past fewer years. With all of this growth, we started losing the basic elements of hip hop. Now it is all about the videos, girls, swag, money etc. We have forgotten about the Emceeing, the Graffiti, DJ-ing and break dancing; the basic elements that make up the Hip Hop Culture.

For a fresh look, UFO collaborated with 1575 Drummers; a group who mixes percussion
with Hip Hop to focus on its elements. UFO, aka MiltonFrxshking, who worked for Ritual Stores and Back to the city, wanted to take S.A Hip Hop back to the basics with a classic Cypher: a place to show of your skills and link up with people trying to make change in the game.

The Cypher is happening in the streets of Maboneng on the 5th of November 2017 the passage called The Canal from 12pm.

We invite all MCs, producers and dancers to come and show off their skills.

Add UFO on WhatsApp : 0740175706 and follow on Facebook and Instagram for more details and information.