Best New and Returning Shows to Watch

What's New and What's Returning

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This is my favourite time of the year. Flowers are blossoming and the weather is perfect; not too hot or too cold. But the main thing is that many of my favourite shows are coming back for a new season!

With so many shows returning and starting anew, you may feel overwhelmed. What do I watch? Should I start a new show? When are these shows coming out? Don’t worry, we have you covered.

Down below is a list of the best new and returning shows, along with a ‘To watch or not to watch’ recommendation if you haven’t started it yet. But enough of that.  Let’s get started.


Narcos (Season 3)
The life and crimes of Pablo Escobar, infamous drug dealer. This is more drama than documentary, and many people love it, that is why they made a season 3.
When? 28/08
Decision? Not to watch


BoJack Horseman (Season 4)
Welcome to the anthropomorphic world of BoJack Horseman. Washed-up tv actor and permanent drunk is his tagline. We have covered Season 4 here, for those wanting more information. The short? Awesome, and sometimes devastating, animation. But make no mistake, this is adult humour.
When? 8/09
Decision? To watch


TV series, Entertainment, Wheres Bojack?, Narcos, Netflix, FOX, The Good Place, Gotham, The Big Bang Theory, Blackish, Lucifer, Showmax

Vice Principals (Season 2)
The second and final season of this dark comedy. 2 Vice Principals do whatever they can to become principal, with no filters. This is definitely not one for the kids.
When? 17/09
Decision? To watch


The Good Place (Season 2)
Have you ever wondered what heaven must be like? You have? Was it a small community where a certain number of people live with their soulmates?  And a mayor-like angel runs the place? What about mistakes being made, like admitting the wrong person and everything going to hell (almost literally)? If this piques your interest, catch Kristen Bell in Season 2 of The Good Place.
When? 20/09
Decision?  To watch


Gotham (Season 4)
A take on the Batman comic books. Follow Detective James Gordon as he solves evil villainous crimes in Gotham, as we see Batman grow up before our eyes.
When? 21/09
Decision? Not to watch


The Big Bang Theory (Season 11)
Our favourite nerds, and Sheldon. The previous 10 seasons gave us many laughs. I’m expecting nothing less from this season.
Decision? To watch


Brooklyn Nine Nine (Season 5)
Jake Peralta, detective extraodinaire, man child and lovable goofball. Follow his new misadventures as the precinct solves crimes, one episode at a time.
When? 26/09
Decision? To watch


Modern Family (Season 9)
This multiple Emmy Award-winning show is back for more!  At Season 8, the series showed no signs of slowing down. So why should they now? Guaranteed to bring those intelligent jokes and comedic situations.
When? 27/09
Decision? To watch


Speechless (Season 2)
The DiMeos seem like your typical underachieving family, but there’s more to them. They often find themselves in hilarious situations thanks to their overprotective mother (Minnie Driver) making sure her handicapped son is safe and getting the same treatment as everyone else. Touching and funny, with a little mindfulness.
When? 27/09
Decision? To watch


Superstore (Season 3)
Ever wondered what it would be like to work in a Walmart or Target? Then here’s your answer. America Ferrera (Ugly Betty) stars in this workplace comedy of oddballs trying to make the store heaven for its customers.  Be it funny one-liners, weird customers, vacuums or colleagues getting involved in other’ personal matters, Superstore has it all.
When? 28/09
Decision? To watch


Ghosted (Season 1)
Two men with seemingly stellar former careers now work together for the FBI Underground, solving Paranormal cases. They also try to recover their former glory (an esteemed professor before ‘going crazy’ and LA’s finest detective) in the process.
When? 1/10
Decision? To (could be one) watch


Lucifer (Season 3)
The king of Hell retires and opens a club in LA. Then finds his calling in being the partner of a detective, all the while trying to keep his family and psychological problems at bay.
When? 2/10
Decision? To watch


Blackish (Season 4)
A comedy about an African-American family living in the suburbs. Smart and sometimes relatable, this show does away with the black tropes we are used to seeing on BET.
When? 3/10
Decision: Not to watch


Supergirl (Season 3)
The origins story of Supergirl, the older cousin (until she landed on a different planet that made her age slower before arriving on earth) of Superman. Full-time reporter and full-time Superhero, it’s a wonder that she can still have a social life. Your regular superhero series, with a female lead.
When? 9/10
Decision? Not to watch


The Flash (Season 4)
The origins story of the world’s fastest man. Your standard, run-of-the-mill superhero show with nothing new or exciting.
When? 10/10
Decision? Not to watch


Riverdale (Season 2)
The beloved Archie comic books get reinvented as a darker series. It is a total departure from the comics, sometimes in a good way. Riverdale is the sinister town they live in, where everyone has a secret that could potentially ruin their lives. Season 2 is said to go deeper and darker, and that is the only reason I am giving it a second chance at watching.
When? 11/10
Decision? Not to watch


Supernatural (Season 13)
You’d think that a series would run out of steam at around 8 seasons, and you would be totally right. Sam and Dean have seen everything; Angels, Demons and even God. Their cases and story going stale could be said, but Season 12 was a definite revival of sorts for the cult show.
When? 12/10
Decision? To watch


Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency (Season 2)
You think the name is weird and crazy, wait ‘till you watch the show. It is based on Douglas Adam’s (Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) book of the same name and stars Elijah Wood, as Dirk’s (Samuel Barnett) sidekick. The whole point of the show is to be as random as possible, and they definitely achieved that, while being funny and touching in the process.
When? 14/10
Decision? To watch


The Walking Dead (Season 8)
At this point, who doesn’t know TWD? As a fan of the first 3 seasons only, I gave it a chance up until Season 6 to impress me. It has failed. I don’t think Rick’s ragtag group of survivors can survive my critique this season.
When? 22/10
Decision? Not to watch

TV series, Entertainment, Wheres Bojack?, Narcos, Netflix, FOX, The Good Place, Gotham, The Big Bang Theory, Blackish, Lucifer, Showmax

Stranger Things (Season 2)
Rounding off my list would be Stranger Things. Season 1 was released to widespread critical acclaim, and those kids…come on, they’re as cute as buttons! Season 1 ended on a high note and a few questions, which I really hope are answered in this upcoming season. Binge-worthy  programming done right.
When? 27/10
Decision? To definitely watch


This time of year is magical. I hope you find something to watch to keep the boredom at bay.
Did I forget something? Or is there something you don’t agree with? Let us know in the comments below!

Article Written By Uwais Khan