The Bizniz Hustle: “Arlene Petersen – MC and Comedian”

"The Bizniz Hustle" is a feature of young, driven and motivated individuals adding to the influence of the culture. Whether it be in the form of a creative, artist, producer, innovator, designer, game changer, entrepreneur or just someone pushing boundaries. After all this is your hustle to your Bizniz.

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I’ve been a local MC on the church scene in the Southern Suburbs, Cape Town for more than 5 years now. It all started at my local church Living Faith Community Church situated in Symphony Avenue Steenberg. Every year October I would MC our annual High Tea where other people would see me and book me for their events ranging from graduations, fashion shows, hip hop events and everything in between. I’ve also been the recurring MC for Wonderland Kidz Academy for the last 3 years. However, last year October 2018 I felt like I needed a change and asked if I could rather do a 15-minute pure comedy set instead. So I went from hosting and introducing the acts to becoming the act instead.
My co-host, Sirvaun Hickley thought I did so well he hooked me up with Keenan Cerff, a local comedian from Lavender Hill who was chosen to do Nationwide hosted by Trevor Noah.
Credit: Esti Strydom Photography

Keenan starting giving me comedy insight and in November 2018 I had my first solid 5 mins and I was given my first stage opportunity outside of the church, at The Hive in Muizenberg. I was only given 5 minutes but ended up doing 10 minutes! That very same night I got another booking by a fellow comic and since then the bookings haven’t stopped.

I’ve since gone on to enter the Kasi World Comedy Showdown 2019 edition and ended up being the only coloured comic in the finals that took place at the Baxter Theatre in June 2019. Even though I didn’t win the competition, it has made other comics take me serious as a comedienne in my own right and has since shared the stage with the likes of Yaaseen Barnes, Shimmy Isaacs and Barry Hilton just to mention a few.

Credit: Kasi World – Baxter

During the day I am an administrator at Philisa Abafazi Bethu, a NPO based in Lavender Hill providing services like victim empowerment support, a safe house and youth services just to mention a few. By night, I hustle as a stand-up comedienne often doing 3-5 gigs per week. It is definitely not easy and often have to catch the last bus that leaves at 21:45pm from Cape Town from gigs and currently my day job pays for my night job.

I stay motivated by being an exception to the rule and being a positive role model for the youth in Lavender Hill by being a personified version of: Where you live does not determine who you are and who you are makes where you are important.
Credit: Esti Strydom Photography

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Instagram: @mc_arleyp