The Bizniz Hustle: “Boris Van Haupt – Cape Town Rapper” Feature

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The Bizniz Hustle, Feature, Boris Van Haupt. Artist, Rapper, Music. Cape Town, Hustle

Who is the person behind Boris Van Haupt? I’m a 24 year old mature rebel with an honest tongue. I am from Khoisan Heritage and very proud too. Music saved my life.

Born to a single mother of three,the amazing Virginia, two sisters and myself. Hard workimg mother worked two jobs at one stage to keep us fed and happy. She is my true Queen. My grandmother help raise us while my mom was working. I love and cherish my gran. My dad and mom did not see eye to eye after I was born. So he left. And visited couple times a year. He was murdered when I was seven. He was a very well known and high ranked Cop from all the stories and newspaper articles I saw. Owned a gun club and a third degree blackbelt in karate. Unfortunately that couldnt save him when he was murdered. Stabbed to death in his own area. Supposedly a robbery but its clear to me that was a hit. That is where my pain and message stems from . I understand gangsterism .

The Bizniz Hustle, Feature, Boris Van Haupt. Artist, Rapper, Music. Cape Town,  Hustle

The history of it and the mindset of it in Cape Town but I also just wanna change the younger mindsets of Cape Town. I know that instead of giving a pallet guns to our kids. Give them books instead. Small things like that could change the mental landscape of the Cape Flats. I am born in the suburbs where one subway and train line divides the burbs from the hood so I always seemed to find myself mixing with different Cape cultures from your ‘sturvy’ to your ‘gham’ or ‘hood’. My oldest sister inspired me to keep my head up. She got caught up in gangsterism and drugs and showed everyone who thought she was ganna be nothing that she will be something. And now she is something. A great one too. My fathers murder tortures me. Like I always wanted to know how my life would have been if he wasn’t murdered. I guess that why my music is so honest and deep. Im angry and I can only cope with that anger through art. Rap and sing.

Singing since 7 and rapping since 10. I have studied hundreds and thousands of songs. Jazz and Blues is my foundation. So once I tried rapping it was easier than normal. I feel jazz and blues gives me an edge musically with my peers and even people already in prominence. I smoke weed. Listen , I truly don’t care about what anyone says.

The Bizniz Hustle, Feature, Boris Van Haupt. Artist, Rapper, Music. Cape Town,  Hustle

Marijuana is a the only thing is smoke. I hate drugs! I love weed. Once it goes legal. I will be so happy. Its helps with my depression and makes me super funny.

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