The Bizniz Hustle: “Courtney Mitchell – Founder of NamaquaCapey” (Women’s Month Edition”

"Women are the real architects of society." - Harriet Beecher Stowe

The Bizniz Hustle, Feature, Courtney Mitchell, NamaquaCapey, Womans Month, Edition
Meet Courtney Mitchell, a woman who tasted the wrath of a toxic relationship but chose to take the power from it instead of surrendering all of hers to the stinging of her wounds.
Courtney needed healing and found comfort in the arms of writing. Poetry became her rehab. After reciting a poem entitled “Coloured Meit” she birthed a platform not only meant for her healing but also in aid of other women and their nemesis’.
Yes, this is no victim of circumstance. She is no victim to the colour of her skin, the way she chooses to articulate herself or the struggles that she, as a coloured woman, is facing. She recognises that we, as women of colour, have not been emancipated of stereotypical beliefs, boundaries and fear yet. We need to grab those reins of supremacy and walk with a vengeance.
The Bizniz Hustle, Feature, Courtney Mitchell, NamaquaCapey, Womans Month, Edition
This platform shares stories of real women in our community, it touches an array of topics in aid of relief, to give a voice to the woman who is too afraid to speak up and to remind our fellow women that we are not alone in this.
“I wanted to write poems about the suffering of the marginalised, especially coloured women, and instead of just sharing my story I wanted to help give other women a voice.” She proudly says.
“This year’s theme is “Taking it to the Streets”. Women will be sharing how they’ve stayed positive and risen above their circumstances such as growing up in unprivileged communities. We’ll be talking about sisterhood, unemployment, prostitution, drug addiction and MORE.”
Now is the time to see that our complexities are beautiful, we ought to embrace our scars and wear our armour with pride. We are soldiers. We are built for more than just the trials we are facing. We often complain about being misunderstood, forgetting that we are made to be loved and not to be understood.
Don’t be held hostage by the fire around you. I promise, what burns inside of you is stronger than anything of this world. You are a woman and that, dear sister, is your power!
Thank you, Courtney, for being conscious about the struggles that women are still facing. We need more of you!
If you are in need of spiritual relief, join the venture through her website, or follow her on Facebook and Instagram.  
The Bizniz Hustle, Feature, Courtney Mitchell, NamaquaCapey, Womans Month, Edition

Happy Women’s Day, Warriors!

**Article was submitted and edited by Ash Harlow