The Bizniz Hustle: “Basil Maleka aka Bazy B – DJ and Music Producer

"The Bizniz Hustle" is a feature of young, driven and motivated individuals adding to the influence of the culture. Whether it be in the form of a creative, artist, producer, innovator, designer, game changer, entrepreneur or just someone pushing boundaries. After all this is your hustle to your Bizniz.

Bazy B (Basil Maleka), was born & raised in the south of Johannesburg (South Africa), Bazy B has established himself as a brand in the industry, compiling & featuring with some of SA’s best DJs, Producers & Artists such as Euphonik & DJ Kent. Bazy B is currently a resident DJ on the 94.7 BlocParty every Saturday night.
Bazy B has featured on various radio stations & television platforms across South Africa and has also been featured on Euphonik’s hit album “For The Love of House Vol 6”. Bazy B has performed at various clubs & festivals around the entire country.
“I began my musical journey in high school, being exposed to all kinds of genres helped me to mold my own sound today. I started making music in Grade 8, solely focusing on producing as I had started DJing (as a hobby) a few years before that. It is one thing to DJ but it is a completely different feeling creating your own music from scratch. Being able to create music and for people to actually enjoy it is probably the most fulfilling feeling ever. Till today I’d sit for hours creating a song which I may not even release but it is an escape for me and extremely therapeutic,” Bazy B said.
“The ambition that drives me is my willingness to reach as many international accolades as possible. Trying to create a particular sound associated to “Bazy B” has probably been the most difficult yet exciting part of this journey. Music is limitless and probably a universal language which anyone and everyone can relate to. Music is a natural form of expression for me, it allows me to express myself without anything holding me back. I am constantly recreating myself as an artist as everyday brings a new experience/sound,” he added.
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