The Bizniz Hustle – “Gazzv Beat$” Music Producer

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The Bizniz Hustle, The Bizniz Blog, Gazzv Beats, Music, Producer, Feature

My name is Garren aka Gazzv Beat$ born in South Africa, Cape Town but now currently living in New Zealand, Wellington. I moved to New Zealand 2006 at age 11, but I am 22 now.  I started making beats 3 years ago watching the 4 producers who inspire methe  most to this day Sizzle, TM88 from (808Mafia) Metro Boomin and Zaytoven. Im currently working and producing everyday perfecting my own sound. Monday to Friday I work and stay indoors Producing, weekends I go out if I feel the need to but I am mostly at my home in the studio making beats.

Waking up in the morning the first thing I think of is ideas for new sounds I’m constantly thinking of new ideas to perfect my craft. The first year when I started making beats I wanted to give up so many times thinking this is not going to work, but had so much support from other artist/producers to keep pushing. I started making beats on FruityLoops trying to figure out the programme watching YouTube video tutorials everyday. I would watch my 4 top producers listening to their sounds and getting inspired I still do that to this day. The more I got use to using FruityLoops and learning from other producer friends my sound started getting better each day. I put out my first beats tape out Ep ONE the beginning of the year where I got my first article spread on The Bizniz Blog which opened a lot of doors.

The Bizniz Hustle, The Bizniz Blog, Gazzv Beats, Music, Producer, Feature

Since my first Ep, I featured on 3 Albums by LA artist Y2 “Mixtape Wayne” 1,2,3 I will be on 2 more Albums by the end of July/August depending on artist. My next mission is to work with some artist from my home country South Africa and branch out those ways. I have Ep 2 that I’m working on that will be released before the end of the year, Ep 2  will feature a variety of artist from New Zealand, USA and hopefully South Africa.

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The Bizniz Hustle, The Bizniz Blog, Gazzv Beats, Music, Producer, Feature