The Bizniz Hustle: “Lenneth Bowers – Founder of Perseus Streetwear”

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The Bizniz Hustle, Lenneth Bowers, Feature, Fashion, Perseus Streetwear, Menswears, Brand

Lenneth Bowers (21) from Cape Town spent few years of his teenage life trying to make sense of why he so badly wanted to create a work of art. He gradually started printing t-shirts and caps for himself and friends to wear to various events, not for recognition but for admiration of a generation of “US”. “US” would be a generation of Lenneth, young people who aspire to achieve their goals and trust that there are more of them with the same goal. With a love for life and a passion for excellence, strives to give back to his target audience by designing locally inspired street wear and urban apparel, with a touch of international expertise. This brand is an open book diary to express street wear and to create a movement that is not fiction, but also describes the designer as a person.

Growing up in the Cape Flats he always participated in street wear as a category in fashion and urban culture. The establishment of the brand is to put creative thoughts together and bring it to life, and also express Lenneth as a person.

The Bizniz Hustle, Lenneth Bowers, Feature, Fashion, Perseus Streetwear, Menswears, Brand

He is ambitious, goal driven and aspires to make the most of everything he puts his mind to and hands on. Living in a time like today it’s hard to prosper in and stay level minded to become successful in anything we do, but with the right vision and support structure a business venture such as Perseus Streetwear is only bound to bloom.

The mission of the brand is to create some self belief, pride and confidence in our youth, to live limitless and beyond their expectation and imagination. Youth today do not realize what they are capable of and therefore doubt that they can pursue their dreams by starting small. With that being said Lenneth started pursuing he’s passion in February of 2015 and is now doing big things with his label.

Perseus Streetwear has become relatively popular amongst the young generation in and across the Western Cape, and the now retail at Elite retail store Amerikana Afrika, in central Johannesburg, and with this only bigger things can happen for the brand. Lenneth puts in a lot of time and effort into the designing of each garment, with every perfect stitch and every lined sleeve comes a lot of sacrifice, to create a style for every story.

The Bizniz Hustle, Lenneth Bowers, Feature, Fashion, Perseus Streetwear, Menswears, Brand

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