The Bizniz Hustle: “Tracy Gore” – Gorejous Fashion Design Feature

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The Bizniz Hustle, Feature, Fashion, Designer, Tracy Gore, Gorejous, BRand
My brand gorejous was born out of necessity when I got retrenched and was unable to find a job. I read somewhere harvard university students are taught ,instead of finding a job, create one.
So I having all this time on my hands I taught myself to sew. I was a single parent, living with my mother. I was the bread winner of the family, I had to make money. I used my last money to buy fabric and cut patterns off clothes I had, hand stitched them and not knowing how to next, I was proud of my accomplishment, then i had a friend over Shanna, she liked the tank top I made, she purchased it and ordered a few more, she told friends , they purchased and my brand was created. I named it after my brother who was affectionately known as Mr Gorejous as our surname is Gore. He passed away fifteen years ago and it felt like a beautiful way to honour him.
The Bizniz Hustle, Feature, Fashion, Designer, Tracy Gore, Gorejous, BRand
I started out small making tank tops and tank dresses only bought by friends, everything was hand stitched. Every person I came across told me I’d fail, someone from Woodstock could never make it as a fashion designer, especially one who had no formal training,  proving them wrong was an absolute joy. I pushed myself, I practiced night and day learning everything I could. I have always loved clothes and knew what I couldn’t find it stores, comfortable garments that fit actual people .
I’ve had fashion shows at some of the most delicious venues in Cape Town and a few in Johannesburg and all work gets done from my home. Never allow anyone to tell you what you are capable of, the thing that you can’t let go of, that one dream that sets your soul on fire, that’s purpose and that’s your blessing. If you want to live your bliss listen to that voice, it’s not easy by no means but if you work hard and are prepared to fail 100 times and get up ,your determination will be rewarded.
If you follow your bliss ,the universe opens doors where once were walls. That saying stays with me.
I’ve dressed some of the most delicious women in South Africa like Danine Naidoo and Pearl Thusi,  I’ve been in almost every magazine in cape town. Dreams I had as a child I accomplished with hard work and passion for my craft Still today five years later ,it’s not easy but I love what I do and looking back it’s been so worth it.
The Bizniz Hustle, Feature, Fashion, Designer, Tracy Gore, Gorejous, BRand
I also don’t take failure to heart because we learn the best from it and I have a teenager watching me ,learning from my example. I’ve watched her get up after setbacks ,learn the lesson and do better because of it. Your mindset determines where you end up,if you are focused on the goal ,the journey becomes easier ,knowing you will get there regardless of tiny setbacks.
Gorejous has expanded from only ladies to mens wear,kids and even maternity clothing, the only limit there is is our own ,the ones we impose of ourselves, I’ve also expanded my brand into a vape juice line. Hoping to have a brand encompassed with all the things I love, it sounds like a big dream but that’s the point , so dream big,be brave ,be happy and work hard
We are limitless beings,  it’s all possible 

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