The Bizniz Hustle: “Travers Solomon aka Travisto – DJ, Music and Radio Producer”

"The Bizniz Hustle" is a feature of young, driven and motivated individuals adding to the influence of the culture. Whether it be in the form of a creative, artist, producer, innovator, designer, game changer, entrepreneur or just someone pushing boundaries. After all this is your hustle to your Bizniz.

The Bizniz Hustle, DJ Travisto, Feature, Music, Producer

My name is Travers Solomon, Some mense on the internet know me as Travisto or DJ Poephol. My mommy calls me Travi.

I’ve never thought of myself as an event organizer, but apparently I’ve been throwing parties since the previous millennium. A long long time ago, high on a hill at a university campus in a beautiful town by the sea, I joined an organization called UCT Radio. Soon after joining, some resourceful friends and I worked out that we could use our radio credentials for the greater good, so we made plans to set up a sound system inside the student union one night  to play the kinda music we all loved.

Being a radio member at the time came with additional perks like access to the print room, so we soema printed flyers and everything – kwaai ne? Amper soos rerig.

The Bizniz Hustle, DJ Travisto, Feature, Music, Producer

All I wanted to do was play music to make people smile and dance, but I didn’t own my own records, so I put a bunch of my DJ friends on the line up, so they would let me play theirs. The party  was called Pulse-8 (that’s how we rolled in the 90s) and I think the hundred or so people who were there, felt it was a rip roaring success.

Jump forward a coupla decades to April 2017 and not much has changed.

I’m still working in radio, now in a city of gold, and all I wanna do is play music for my friends.

Nog once.

So I throw a little birthday party at Glory in Melville. We put up a sound system, blow up a buncha Smiley balloons and some of my favourite DJs play the kinda house music I still love. We smile and dance and smile and dance and smile and dance some more – all caught in glitzy pictures by a professional photographer (a birthday gift from my friend, Ben).

The Bizniz Hustle, DJ Travisto, Feature, Music, Producer

These pictures get onto the net, and Cape Town people respond so positively that I partner with two long time friends Rowan Roberts and Wayne Dreyer, both house music enthusiasts and event specialists in their own right, to put on a similar themed event at The Mash Tun in Woodstock in August 2017.

More smiling and more dancing ensues.

The Smiley brand is born. Since then we’ve  adopted the hashtag #ComeGetHappy and have thrown more than a dozen successful parties in Jozi and Cape Town.

Our DJ line ups that have included Dwson, Pierre Johnson, Miss CJ, Winnie Deep, Leighton Moody, Roxcizzle and DJ Lusanda.

Skip to the present day.

On Saturday 15 December we’re partnering with Jozi house music maniac and Lead SA laureate Mavhutu Dzege – The Dadaman.

Our event at The Generator in Parkmore will feature DJs Ady Fleming, Wandaful, Scossh, Lady Gforce, Deep Souls, Keegs Bantom and The Rudeman.

They’re all donating their services for free and the proceeds will go towards Dzege’s fund

providing meals for families over the Festive Season.

We mos can’t #ComeGetHappy alone.

Find out about Dadaman’s work here:

Get online tickets for Smiley meets Dadaman at for just R88 and #ComeGetHappy with us.

Check out the event on Facebook and follow on Instagram for more information.