The Bizniz Hustle: “Warren Papier – Photographer and Content Creator”

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The Bizniz Hustle: Warren Papier

“Social media is a powerful and dangerous thing. You have the ability to be anything you want to be and anyone you want to be. But the worst cocktail is social media and perception. People are presented with the opportunity to formulate their own idea of you from behind a screen and accept everything you put out as finite without ever really engaging. It’s pretty evident in the shock on peoples faces when they find out photography is not my 9-5.”

I have always been interested in local pop culture and subcultures, probably because of my passion for the city and urban environment in which the aforementioned is cultivated. Architectural training has taught me to be super observant and to be curious about space and people which translates easily into photography. I’m more captivated by the voyeuristic shot because it subtly hints at context but also leaves things open for interpretations.

The Bizniz Hustle: Warren Papier

2017 was a good year for me, I got to travel and shoot a lot. And it goes back to one of my mottos “you never do it alone.” I’ve been blessed enough to be surrounded by people who are major cultural players in terms of putting South Africa on the map. They are major links between overseas and here, which often is not recognised.

Too often people are happy to sit back and wait to fed stuff from bloggers/influencers from ill-informed brands. The only real exposure and true account you can have of things, is if you really immerse yourself in society and your particular interests. –  not easier said than done.

This is why I have immense respect for the likes of Zaid, Hayden, Rolo and Ward. As individuals they never changed for anyone but rather pursued and cultivated their interests.  Look at them now, they’re popping! It is important to remain passionate and inspired. Try and expose yourself to as many peculiar situations in order to obtain first-hand experience and not just accept what gets dangled in front of you.

The Bizniz Hustle: Warren Papier

So, from running around in clubs and festivals using the camera as a social device to make connections, to getting a Masters degree, to lecturing after hours, to trying to squeeze shoots between my actual 9-5, I am where I am today… which is a really crazy life with not much time to just chill. ”

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