#BIZSCOOP : Did Watrs Just Trend For Beefing Up With Cape Town Hip Hop Artists?


After dropping his album titled ‘Nude’ a few weeks ago, Watrs released a song titled Twentytwentykilla. The song is a diss track which is aimed at a lot of Cape Town hip hop artists. The track shocked everyone especially the artists he worked/collaborated with on his newly released album. He name-dropped and called almost every artist who is involved in the Cape Town hip hop industry from King Slave Boris, AJG Famous, Dante Thee Dante, Amy Brown, Kno3 ,J Carter, Mvula and more (Hold up I wasn’t going to mention all the artists that were mentioned in the track. Listen to the track yourself). So far few artists have responded to his diss track and the beef is still going on even after King Slave Boris replied with a heavy-bar track. Can we talk about King Slave Boris vocals though? (Okay we will do that in another life at the moment we need to examine the beef from Bellville)

Here’s our take about the diss track. The diss track has a good vibe beat, well thought of and the lyrical content is definitely on point that we can’t deny but was it necessary to mention all the artists? Did these artists trigger something for him to talk about them in a song? Why is he angry? Is Cape Town not giving him enough love for his craft? Is it a public stunt? Why did he leave other artists in the name dropping?

Well from what we have gathered, Watrs hasn’t been getting any shows or attention even though he has three EPs to his name(we adore his EPs).He decides to make an album, invites artists that are ‘big enough in the industry’ to feature them on the album. After everything is done and dusted, he then decides to stab everyone in the back. Good move and a good set of balls? Well kind of. That’s definitely a good public stunt and a cry for help to the nation to listen to his songs. Well in some sort the back-stabbing is working in his favour cause Facebook users and Cape Town Hip Hop fans and lovers have been talking about the diss track. Fans of all the Cape Town  hip hop artists have been on war since with camps and groupies divided. People are not sure which camp to support. Watrs shows no sign of stopping especially with dropping allegedly evidence that these mentioned artists are nothing but ”overhyped artists”. Are these mentioned artists going to retaliate?Well keep yourself updated cause the beef is about to get more and more juicy.

Watrs has been trending on Facebook.People have talking about the diss and more artists are responding. Missed the diss track, click below to listen to it. Do you think Watrs made a good move? Let us know in our comments section.