Black Vulcanite feat Youngsta – Drinking Life


The latest music video from the guys at Rude World Records, has just dropped and it features the Namibian hip-hop poet group Black Vulcanite and local rap boy from the Kaap repping himself as Youngsta. The video which takes us through the city of Cape Town, in which the artist perform while rolling through the city.

The visual effects, styling and musical aspect of the video is truly on point, and it has been cut out to be a complete jam. The city rolling in the background just adds a whole visual aspect throughout the video.

Black Vulcanite has also just announced the official merchandise collaboration with the Mzansi streetwear brand ZAXL, they have even released the line of clothing which is dopely available online at the ZAXL Store. Keeping following #TheBiznizBlog for the latest news and entertainment.