Bojack Horseman: Season 4 UPDATE

As humourous as it is emotionally devastating



Welcome to the life of a ‘Hollywoo’ celebrity named Bojack Horseman. He is a bitter, mean, depressed alcoholic and washed-up actor from a show called ‘Horsin’ Around.’

The show revolves around Bojack, an anthropomorphic horse. It is part-comedy, part-satire and one hundred percent feels. It deals with the struggles of depression, alcoholism and a slew of other mental disorders. But it is not all doom and gloom. Bojack Horseman balances the dark with the light, and that is this show’s brilliance.

Bojack’s life summed up in one GIF

Streaming on Netflix is the series’ three seasons, and soon to be fourth come 8th September. I, for one, cannot wait. If you’re still not sold, the show’s second and third seasons have a 100% approval rating from Rotten Tomatoes, and an episode from its third season, ‘Fish out of water,’ was crowned TIME’s best TV episode of 2016. Not bad for an animation.


As stated above, the show’s fourth season is due on the 8th of September. Below is the trailer. Be sure to let us know your thoughts of the show down below.


Article by Uwais Khan