Books that will make you laugh from cover to cover

Laughter certainly is the best medicine!

  1. Justin Nurse, Laugh it off Annual: South African Youth Culture


This is a collection of Nurse’ s greatest satirical works that includes short stories, photography and the like. It captures the works of the sharpest young minds at turn of 2003. I like the way he challenges conventions, pokes fun at well -known brands and yet makes you think a little deeper about some of the topics in his subtle messages. He could have kept it going, had it not been the untimely death of his daughter in a freak accident which affected him greatly. But nonetheless, a great talent. I give him four stars.


  1. Fred Khumalo: #ZuptasMustFall and other Rants


Described as a “clever black” and an “equal opportunity offender,” Fred is up there with the best in terms of South African humourous writing. He is also the writer of the book Zuluboy Gone Crazy. If you happen to have a stiff upper lip and generally a bad day, “Zuptas must fall and other rants” is the book to read. Punchy, challenging and laugh-out-loud funny. “Who are these Guptas who are so powerful, they ‘re distributing cabinet posts like matrons handing out condoms at a brothel? Who do Americans think they are, accusing Trevor Noah of ”stealing” a joke from one of their comedians?” are some of the questions he poses on this collection of his columns. Those who are uptight need to get this book pretty quick. Doctor’s Orders! It gets five stars.


3.David Bullard: Screw it, let’s do lunch

An incisive and brutally honest book that often veers on the controversial. David Bullard is one heck of a guy. If he was somewhere under dictatorship he would have long been hanged…or faced the firing squad by a military junta. The book contains some of his best smoking columns that made him one of the foremost commentators in South Africa. Very, very brilliant. It is not for the faint-hearted . If you want clever humour that challenges you to think, do yourself a favour: borrow it for a few days from your local library. FIVE STARS!!!


  1. Mark Twain, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.


This is a novel about the boyhood adventures of a young boy growing up along the Mississippi River. Tom is a naughty young boy who, together with his friend Huckleberry Finn, is always getting into trouble. It is engaging in entertaining memorable boyhood adventures that will leave you having a warm feeling towards to the end. Mark Twain created a classic with this one. You can relate to his characters, especially the mischievous ways of Tom and his best friend. It should be read by anyone wanting to revisit their childhood. Four and a half stars.


Written by Themba Nyauza