BREAKING NEWS: Mugabe Finally Out

    Mugabe Resigns as the President of Zimbabwe after 37 Years


    Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe resigned today, 21 November 2017, after 37 years in power. His resignation called an end to the impeachment trial which began as a means of removing him from power.

    Zimbabwe has gone through a turbulent fortnight beginning with Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa fired from office by President Mugabe on 8 November. The military then took control of the country capital, Harare, on 14 November, seizing control of the streets and the headquarters of ruling party, Zanu-PF. Soon after, President Mugabe was placed under house arrest. He communicated with President Jacob Zuma, who relayed confirmation that Mugabe was home and ‘fine.’


    The following days saw Mugabe refuse to step down as Zimbabwe’s president, despite numerous calls for him to do so. Throughout the process the military denied a coup d’état. Citizens of Zimbabwe vowed to march daily until Mugabe resigned from office.


    Currently Emmerson Mnangawa is being sworn in as interim president. Citizens have taken to the streets in jubilant celebration of today’s events.

    Article by Tiffany Holland (Instagram )