Cannabis Wellness with Goodleaf Vapes – Calm and Awaken effects

Goodleaf Calm and Awaken effects, in Cinnamon and Green Apple flavours respectively, and provide an entirely different CBD experience to our Goodleaf drops.

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But why vape CBD anyway?

Well, one reason is that they’re portable and discreet – slim, small and lightweight, a vape pen slips easily into your bag or pocket for some CBD on the go.

You can also use vape pens to microdose CBD. Vaping offers a way to consume small amounts of CBD at a time for a subtle, staggered experience.

The most important thing to know is that the Goodleaf vapes are SAFE – they contain absolutely no THC, and you can breathe easy knowing they contain no vitamin E acetate or any of the other potentially harmful cutting agents linked to the vape crisis in the USA in 2019.

The biggest benefit of vaping CBD is how incredibly quickly its absorbed – inhaled directly into the lungs, it goes directly into the bloodstream and the effects are felt much sooner.

Goodleaf, Cannabis, Wellcare, CBD, South Africa, Calm, Awake, Vape, Feel Good, Health, Lifestyle

So – how do you know whether a CBD oil or a CBD vape pen is right for you? 


CBD oils/drops are recommended as the most effective option for those in search of treatment for chronic or acute conditions and concerns.

After 10-14 days of regular use, the body fully optimises and adapts to the integration of CBD into the complex network of receptors that make up the endocannabinoid (ECS) system, which works to regulate and restore balance throughout the various systems in the body and mind.

These regulating effects can help to provide relief from serious anxiety disorders, stress, insomnia, seizures, nausea, and the chronic pain and inflammation associated with a wide array of conditions and ailments.

Drops can be mixed into cold foods and beverages, or taken in the form of gel capsules, but these methods have a slow rate of absorption into the body (2-3 hours), as they must first pass through the digestive system.

When taken under the tongue and absorbed by the blood vessels in the sublingual glands, the effects can be felt a bit faster (20-40 minutes).


On the other hand, inhaling CBD through a vape pen allows for near-instant access to the bloodstream, and so its effects are experienced almost immediately – faster, in fact, than any other form.

The results are felt almost immediately, and they can be used as and when needed without any foresight or planning.

This is why they are the best option for those wanting to treat situational concerns, such as social anxiety, a migraine or tension headache, other spontaneous pain, or the desire to smoke a cigarette.

CBD vapes can help you quit smoking

Yep, you read that right.

It may sound like an outrageous claim, but a study by researchers at the University College of London indicated that vaping CBD acted as a deterrent against smoking.

The study took place over the period of a week, with 24 participants split into two equal groups – one group given CBD inhalers to use when craving cigarettes, and the others given placebos.

Participants that made use of the CBD inhalers smoked 40% fewer cigarettes than they usually did per week, a drastic contrast to those who made use of the placebo inhalers – showing immense potential for vapes in particular as an effective way to kick a nicotine habit.

Goodleaf, Cannabis, Wellcare, CBD, South Africa, Calm, Awake, Vape, Feel Good, Health, Lifestyle

Where do you recycle vapes?

So you’re sold on the benefits and you’ve bought one of the Goodleaf vapes. Now you want to make sure you dispose of it responsibly – where do you take it?

Well firstly you can always come and drop them back at our stores now that we’re reopening. From next week we will have designated recycling bins available for depositing your used vape pens.

You’ll also find that your local Pick n Pay, Woolworths, Game and Macro stores have recycling stations with a designated bin for e-waste, which is a convenient drop off spot after grocery shopping or if you find yourself in a mall.

Alternatively, you can enter your location here and find the e-waste collection point nearest to you.