A Chat With Durban Based Singer Gavin Ferguson

Gavin is a professional musician, actor and runs a production company called GFM that deals with artist management, design solutions for marketing of performances and hiring out of sound systems and PAs. He also runs a studio where he records and works with incredible producers who mix and master radio quality songs as well as do ADR for Films and music scoring.


Durban based singer Gavin Ferguson who is currently in Cape Town has been the centre of attention with his single ‘friendzone’ from his debut album. Gavin quit his job to pursue a music career and so far it has been a good journey for him. I had a little chat with about his career and he’s what he had to say.

Bizniz: Who is Gavin Ferguson?
Gavin: I am a singer/songwriter and an actor. I started playing guitar at the age of 16; my love for music started in high school of which I also fell in love with drama. I performed in musicals, open mic nights at venues around KZN during my high school career while building a strong local following before expanding into the national music scene in South Africa.

Bizniz: What type of music do you make?
Gavin: My style is extremely versatile, incorporating soulful vocals and dabbling in genres ranging from pop to rock.

Bizniz: Apart from being a singer, you are also an actor. Give us a scoop about that?
Gavin: I made an appearance on e.tv’s latest drama series, Imbewu-The Seed and I played the role of a journalist. I also did a couple of adverts from pick and pay and CMT adverts.

Bizniz: Tell us about your first experience on the stage performing?
Gavin: In the early days I passionately played at every dingy bar I could find, this gave me the confident to sing in front of a big crowd eventually I started performing for more prestigious venues around my home town in KZN, from becoming a regular at the Oyster Box I ventured into performing for private functions and public festivals such as Splashy Fen, Smoking Dragon, Lube and Tube, Biosphere, White Mountain Festival, Peacan Wood Oktoberfest and others.

Bizniz: What are the challenges you faced when you started your music career?Gavin: The most difficult thing I faced was when I left my 9-5 job, my financial situation changed but that did not stop me. So to every young artists out there who is having challenges let me say this to you, keep on the path, you are doing great. Don’t give up.

Bizniz: You have a new management team. Tell us about that?
Gavin: I’m working with Midas Touch Records. I got to work with them after the director/ my current manager Archie Majola heard my latest single friend zone on radio. We got to work together on other songs with Archie from “Graffiti Blues”,“Rockets” and then “Eternal Sin”.

Bizniz: What’s next for you Gavin?
Gavin: I have a new single called “Not Right” which has a strong pop element to it and is available on all streaming platforms including my video on youtube plus you can listen to it on radio as well. I’m looking forward to collaborating with certain artists as well performing at South African Music Awards ceremony. So 2020 is going to be a good year.