CONVERSE – Start from the Bottom



Why follow the rules when you could make your own? In the age of rebellion
against conformity, Converse has responded. Start From the Bottom is not just a campaign, but also an invitation to be different.converse-start-from-the-bottom

To celebrate the Chuck Taylor All Star, Converse hosted a START FROM THE BOTTOM #ChucksFirst fashion show in Johannesburg at Sallly Mustang, Kramerville. Some of South Afirca’s most talented designers were featured; RI.CH Factory, Gulexy Creations, DEAD, Prime Obsession and Rich Mnisi.

Each designer’s collection showcased their interpetation of starting with a pair of Chucks. The designers were each given the starting point of a pair of Chucks to build their outfits from, and this was interpreted with the unique perspectives of each designer. The collections were a showcase in the diversity of the Chuck silhouette, showing the progression of starting your outfit with a pair of Chucks.


The show was streamed live on the Converse South Africa IG account and Facebook Live pages, so that no one missed out. The fashion show can now be viewed on Converse Instagram TV as well the dedicated microsite to experience a front row seat to the #ChucksFirst fashion show

Bradley Knowles, the new group Marketing Executive, was asked about the campaign and said the following, “The START FROM THE BOTTOM #ChucksFirst fashion show was just the start of more things to come. Converse will be rolliing out a series of #ChucksFirst activations in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban.
These activations will feature the live mannequins that came to life at the fashion show.  The mannequins will be popping up at Converse stores, malls and popular hangouts. Converse will be giving people the opportunity to win prizes for those who best dress up the mannequins and post these online.”


Converse will be going live with their activations from August 18th in Johannesburg.
Start From The Bottom is all about not doing things the way that you’ve been told, but rather the way that you want to do it. It is more than just thinking about your Chucks first. It is about subverting the norms of getting dressed and challenging what is established.
The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star is already the perfect starting point to any outfit. Through putting on your Chucks first, Converse is proposing a shift in thinking, and the confidence to take on the world with a new perspective. A pair of Chucks is the first step to do anything you feel like. #ChucksFirst


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