Creative Convos a successful collaboration between Iconic Black and North North Social Club


The idea that everyone can work together and produce something better than they could on their own with less work is called collaboration, literally that’s what is lacking in the city of Cape Town particularly in the creative industry. A lot of outsiders say the city is too cliquey. What they are saying might be true as I have faced career stigmatisation because I didn’t have certain skills, not following any ”cool brands” or have artistic friends. Anyways we are not here to talk about me, we are here to talk about people who covering this gap of career stigmatisation by working together, sharing ideas and encouraging artist empowerment in the creative industry.

Iconic Black a fashion brand in Cape Town has been on the fore front of producing premium streetwear clothes and they have a flagship project which gives young people who are involved in fashion, film, arts and music a platform to connect, create and collaborate. Recently they had a chance to work and collaborate with North North Social Club a young creative collective company based in Cape Town which works with different artists. The companies came together to produce a segment called Creative Convos.

Since Covid -19 happened,every event or workshop is now digital. Creative Convos was hosted Live on Instagram at 19:30pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for two weeks. The main focus of the segment was to create a spirit of sharing ideas, knowledge and discussing pending issues and challenges in the creative industry while providing possible solutions. The Live stream saw the likes of Vicky Sheelongo, Nicola Kruger, Shiraz Reddy, Soulful Clay, Anda and Abnormal coming through to share ideas, their career journey and providing insights on how young creative people can change the creative industry in Cape Town.

The segment was well received with people around South Africa and even AKA the biggest artist in the hip hop industry tuned in as well to hear one of the conversation. Speaking to Andrea Davids one of the members of North North Social Club about the segment she said,” we wanted creative people to converse with each other and talking is great. It opens up a lot of connection outlets that’s why we had to produce this segment with Iconic Black because the time for change is now and our voices and future in the creative industry matter”.

If you missed the Creative Convos, make sure to check them out by clicking this link. We can’t wait to see what other collaborations these brands are bringing to the creative industry. All the best to them!