DESIGUAL SS20 El Love High Summer Range

Beachwear, swimwear, easy wear, colorful wear, summerwear, fun wear, foral wear, hot wear… THANKS, WORLD, SUMMER’S HERE AT LAST!


At Desigual, we’re all about summer, because summer is a lifestyle – a state of mind. One that’s filled with colour, light garments, afternoons at the beach, snacks that turn into lunches, the sea in your eyeline, days that go on forever and the moon creating endless waves.

Our SS20 beachwear capsule screams colour. Swimsuits, bikinis, dresses and kaftans featuring tropical and floral prints and hippie-style mandalas remind us to live in the moment, take our foot off the accelerator and prioritise comfort. Flowy dresses, beach bags, prints in matching colours and flowers on white. Plus, our swimsuits, kimonos and beach wraps are environmentally friendly as they’re made from ethical viscose.

With plenty of details like floral embroidery or Japanese inspiration and tie-dye effects, this collection can easily be combined with loose-knit crochet jumpers featuring bright flowers and touches of black to bring out the colour even more.

It’s summer – enjoy it!