Drake: ”If you reading this, its too late” album

Drake, Music, Album, If you reading this it's too late, Surprise

So while Drake has been in the media alot lately, for a whole bunch of reasons in which some was good and others not at all. He was secretively working on a full 17 track album mixtape, which in saying has more tracks than his ”Nothing was the same” album. The album went by the title ”If you reading this, it’s too late”.

Drake released the album over a tweet and than saw the album being dropped in iTunes on Thursday the 12 February. The full 17 tracks show a variety of big name producers which we have seen in other albums which was nothing short than banger beats. Producers such as Boi-1da, PartyNextDoor, Travis Scott and Wondagirl all add the killer beats to allow Drake to release a top-quality album. The album had been trendy on twitter all weekend with comments of appreciation, surprise, respect, love and hate.

What are your thoughts of the album? Let us know what you think and if you were ever ready.

The album which has already topped charts world-wide (and it has not even been a week) with reaching number 1 spots and is also projected to sell over 500 000 copies over the weekend alone.

Drake, Music, Album, If you reading this it's too late, Surprise

Drake, Mixtape, Album, If you reading this its too late, Music, The Bizniz Blog