Dreaming Big With Siphelo ”Speech” Bayana


I adore people who work hard to achieve their goals and dreams. A lot of people tend to forget their vision and they are usually waiting for that one big break but it’s not the case with Siphelo Bayana (SB) aka Speech The Dreamer. From a tender age he knew what he wanted to do and he’s been working so hard to achieve that. He’s currently our favorite presenter on Hectic On 3 (SABC 3) Okay without giving out too much information let’s get to chat with him to find out more about who he is and his achievements. Grab a glass of juice.

Who is Speech?

SB: Speech The Dreamer is a young futuristic thinker who is confident in his own skin, goal driven and strongly influenced by other dreamers like The Fergusons, Oprah Winfrey who have built their own media empires from scratch.

What made you passionate about broadcasting?

SB: Growing up in the dusty streets of Gugulethu gave me some hope to dream big. I was so fascinated about radio and television when I was little. I would imitate some of the personalities back then on TV and since then I fell in love.

When was your biggest break?

SB: After being unfairly dismissed at Bush Radio where I was a journalist/newsreader and after my incredible start at Cape Town TV, GreenBag Media, Fomo Tv and many other shows that I’ve done throughout my experience of 7 years. I would like to say Hectic On 3 has been my biggest break so far.

What challenges have faced along the way?

SB: I have been told that I’m not articulate and good enough for any form of broadcasting but it didn’t stop me to pursue my dream. A dreamer never gives up. It might be hard at first but pat yourself at the back and try again.

You have attended Influencers Talk by Iconic Black. What do you like most about the event?

SB: Influencers Talk is a great space for networking and collaborating. I’ve always wanted to know how I can utilize my social media and how I can money out of it. Iconic Black brought that opportunity for me by bringing us speakers who give us advice and solutions to some of the challenges being faced in the creative industry.

Any celebrity crush or anyone you would like to work with one day?

SB: I would love to work with Siyabonga Ngwekazi (Scoop Makathini) . He inspires me and I adore his work. I hope to be mentored by him someday.

Whats your go-to look on television?

SB: I always keep it original. I love African fashion pieces mixed with trendy street-wear.

What advice do you have for those who would like to follow into your steps?

SB: Speak things into existence and always dream big.

Images Credit: Okuhle Media

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