Esther ‘Brownie’ Philander – Better Days


On the weekend, while doing some research and merely just browsing the net (after a long week of seeing ”Kim Kardashian – Break the internet”) i wanted to find something fresh and new to share with the readers. After a good amount of data, i came across some guys doing underground creative for African popular culture which did videos and visuals for brands & artists called ”The Visual Creative Content Gang”.

They did a music video for a local artist which won a competition hosted by ”Hectic-N9”RAWkus which was a live, music talent search competition that aims to expose fresh, South African talent. They managed to find an artist which i as they say I grew up with and witness develop from level to level with her career as a local upcoming artist. Esther ”Brownie” Philander which reigns from Ottery, Cape Town was crowd the champion of the competition back in 2013, just went from being the girl with the bubbly and outrageous personality to being a force to reckon with in the local music scene in Mzansi. This is just one of the many hit singles and music videos which we will hear from this talented young artist.

This is her latest hit single under the record label ”Soul Unit Records”, with the song titled Better Days.