Exercise and fitness for the colder Winter days

PS: After all Summer bodies are made in Winter. So lets get Up and GO!!!!!!


Hot chocolate and marshmallows may be a Winter staple for us all, but when bikini weather strolls along, you don’t want to regret the extra cup or two.

Exercise and fitness is great for warm and sunny days. The warm weather naturally gets you up and out of bed to get your fitness routine ready for the day. Winter however is when we fall back- when we should be active to keep warm. Yes, it feels like daylight robbery, but that swimsuit won’t wear itself!  Follow these easy tips to maintain fitness throughout the cold of winter months.

  1. Layers:Dress  warmly. Wear fleece or wool and layer these fabrics to keep warm, especially if you’re exercising outdoors. Dress for comfort. Try to avoid too many layers. The body will warm up as you exercise.Winter, Fitness, Exercise, Gym, Tips and Tricks, Season, Training, Health, Lifestyle
  2. Timing is everything:There is nothing worse than waking up before the sun. Adjust the times of your workouts to suit the new season. Winter is darker for longer, exercise in the light. If you’re good at rising before the sun, adjust your routine for indoors so you’re not training outside in the dark
  3. Get that gym membership:If you have a gym membership, or always wanted to get one, winter would be the time to get on top of that membership. Having a place to exercise helps with motivation and its air conditioned. You won’t freeze to death easily. Showers are available to keep warm after the workout and you can start your day straight away.
  4. Get a gym buddy: Having an encouraging friend to get you out of bed is a god-send. Track each other’s progress, challenge each other, motivate each other. Knowing someone is expecting you makes it that much easier to get it done.Winter, Fitness, Exercise, Gym, Tips and Tricks, Season, Training, Health, Lifestyle
  5. If its too cold, stay home: Never force your body to accept icy weather. Exercise in the comfort of your own home if its too cold outside and you don’t have a gym membership. Apps such as the Nike Training Club (NTC) have great guided workouts you can do at home, with or without equipment.
  6. A few squats a day go a long way: If routines and running aren’t your thing, do small simple workouts that still keep you fit like squats, push ups, jogging on the spot or sit ups. You’ll get your muscles warm and firm without breaking too much of a sweat.

Without even thinking twice, follow the advice and keep active this winter.

Winter, Fitness, Exercise, Gym, Tips and Tricks, Season, Training, Health, Lifestyle

If you have any tips or tricks for building that perfect 10/10 summer body, feel free to leave your comments below.