The future of golf carts: Bubba Watson Jetpack

Are you ready for the future?

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Golf has really been a slow sport to watch and the excitement levels are really also not up there compare to other major sporting events around the world, but that will change with   Pro golfer Bubba Watson. He is a two-time Masters champion who has been known to traverse the green via a hovercraft, wants to up his game — his golf-cart game.

In a partnership with Oakley and the Martin Aircraft Company, the team has developed the Golf Cart Jetpack.

”Finally, golfers can see the course and their game like never before with a unique bird’s eye view of every hole as well as the freedom to fly easily from location to location in any environment without restriction. It’s almost an unfair advantage. The BW-Air is equipped with a bespoke rotary 210 horsepower engine that allows it to climb as high as 3,000 ft with air speeds up to 46 mph. It also has all the features of a typical golf cart, including space for clubs, sand bottle holders and everything else you need for a great round.”

Check out the golf jet pack in full action: