Happy Birthday King Slave Boris And We Dedicate A Day Just For You!


Byron aka King Slave Boris (we are the only ones who are allowed to call him by his real name, you all can sit down)  recently celebrated his birthday on the 22nd of January. Happy Birthday to him. We might be too late but we are here for it all cause he has become one of the most celebrated artist in Cape Town and heralded ”A star with bright future” by tv show Hectic Nine 9. As a team who adore artists like him, we are dedicating 22 January as a #KingSlaveBoris Day. Definitely next year we will be all out celebrating this awesome artist with songs like Donna, Golden Kids, Funk Boutique, Simple Truth and more.

Why a ‘King Slave Boris Day‘ you might ask? Boris is an epitome of hard work, dedication and excellence. His passion, drive and energy puts him on top of the music game (please don’t argue with us). He has been doing music at a tender age and it’s not easy to come this far especially when you are an independent artist not forgetting how multi-talented he is.

Missed the #KingSlaveBoris Day? Don’t worry let us know in our comments section which is your favourite song from him?