How High Fashion Went Street

High Fashion or the Street Look? Why not both?


We all have noticed how High fashion brands have moved to a more street approach. What has inspired this approach? Is it because of music, movies or Celebrities? I had a good look and found collaboration as the main leader of this revolution.

Adidas is a leader in this revolution of street meets high fashion. The first noticeable collaboration was with Yohji Yamamoto to create the Y3, then came Jeremy Scott. Nike took it to the next level with a collaboration with Riccardo Tisci, which redefined the Air Force 1. At this time, other street brands were noticing this trend.

Converse started working with Comme des Garcons to rework the classic All-Star. Puma got in this trend and collaborated with Alexander Wang. High fashion brands started noticing the vibe of street meet ramp. Ralph Lauren looked into creating Polo sport and Tommy Hilfiger started designing more stuff that look street. With the demand of the street high fashion wear increasing, high fashion houses had to start looking at their place in the future.

Kanye West dropped Yeezy, which mashed high fashion and Street Fashion. Houses like LV, Gucci and Givenchy saw an opportunity to create a more street wear look than high fashion. With the attention high fashion was getting in music, the fashion houses knew that their future belongs in Street Fashion. When you look at this year, LV tried to buy Supreme and Gucci collaborated with worldwide street artists.

Here is a look at the best Street wear meets High Fashion:



Article By: Milton (Insta, Twitter)