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How to achieve success

One afternoon on my way to the office I heard an advert on radio from our local South African radio channel. This ad was a man who called a plumbing company to help him with fixing a baking problem, then at the end of the ad a question is asked about you calling a plumber for either a baking problem or anniversary tips. The answer is simply NO!!!

Many small medium businesses are affected by these problems because they can’t afford to pay for expert advice and services like larger businesses — they rather go for anything that can help them save a buck. My question is how many times are you going to call a plumber to assist with muffins that aren’t coming out of the oven as they are supposed to ?

Everyone in business wants to have a website so people can find them anywhere they are, but for SMB’s its hard to find a web developer that can develop a website that is equivalent to a top quality website that they can afford with their small and limited budget. This is why we created — a website builder that creates custom websites with a price plan that best suits its target market of Small to Medium businesses. This product was developed by Thirdrail, a strategic marketing and web development studio that wants to see SMB’s succeeding online.

With many amazing features from cross platform websites (meaning that your website will look beautiful on any type of device) to an easy content editing system that enables any user to add, remove and edit content, without the need of having special technical skills. In fact, adding and editing content is as easy as working with a Microsoft Word document. For up to 10 great features and a monthly maintainance fee of as little as R250.00 it’s a deal worth looking into and investing in. As a small or medium business you don’t have the time or money to waste on getting tips and advice from a plumber about a baking problem.

So this is the time to consider in investing in something that will be worth your while. I would advise visiting to any small medium business that wants to invest in a quality website that brings results.

Guest Post: Joel Baloyi

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Passion, Work, Focus, Persist, ideas, Serve, Good
Image: Shuttershock