How to cop the latest kicks at Shelflife through their online raffle?

With the current lockdown status in SA, we've had to move a lot of our releases to online raffles as we cannot have large groups of people at our stores, to encourage social distancing. We have had a lot of questions like "why can’t you just get more stock". Sadly the stock we carry is set by the supplier (I.e. Nike or adidas). We get up to 5000 entries per online raffle, and sometimes as little as 12 pairs per store.

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We have received a lot of questions as to how the online raffle process works, below we will explain the process step by step.

You register on our site, if you are chosen as a lucky entrant you will be contacted via email on the date stipulated on the entry form. Only these winners will have the chance to purchase. We will not contact you if you haven’t been selected. There is no other way to obtain these sneakers from Shelflife except through raffle, so questions on this will not be answered.

How it works

  • To qualify for the opportunity to purchase online, you must have a confirmed online profile/account with To create your account, please sign up HERE.

This is a common mistake most of our raffle entrants miss, if you don’t have a confirmed account you will be disqualified from the raffle.

  • After completing an online profile, you can enter the raffle via our dedicated link.
  • By entering your name, shoe size, valid bar-coded ID or Passport and email address, your name will be entered into the draw for the opportunity to buy the product on raffle, at the given date and time.

Ensure that the correct info is inserted in the correct fields, this is a mistake many entrants make. If we don’t have the correct info we cannot draw your name for the raffle.

Fill out the form, and submit your entry. If there is a problem with your submission the entry won’t go through. If you see “Form submitted successfully” this means your entry was successful. We are currently having an issue with submission emails being sent, please check your SPAM/JUNK box. If you do not receive an email to confirm submission – Don’t panic! Your entry will still be submitted. If you submit more than one entry, you will be disqualified and removed from the raffle.

Shelflife, Online Raffle, Sneakers, Fashion, Hypebeast, Cape Town, South Africa, Kicks On Fire, Sneaker News
  • Once the raffle is closed, winners are drawn at random via an automated draw tool.
  • Once winners are selected, they are contacted via email and invoiced. Winners are given a time frame to complete payment.

Entrants may not swap sizes nor request another size than the one they indicated in their entry.

  • Successful entrants will be eligible to purchase their size they have selected ONLY in the online raffle form and must settle payment in full prior to receiving their pair.
  • Orders that are not paid within time frame are cancelled, and remaining product is re-raffled to new winners.

Once payment is received, Shelflife Online will dispatch your order via courier to the address on your Online Profile. You will receive tracking information once the order has dispatched.

We have launched a new option to collect and pay for online raffle releases in our CPT & JHB stores, however this option can only be used if you selected this option on your online raffle entry. Please ensure you can collect in store on release day, as we cannot change this option. You will only be able to collect in store on release day, we cannot hold or transfer stock.

Our online raffle forms will be available on our website ONLY, via the release product’s dedicated blog post.