Since I heard of this event I have always been too keen to check it out but only issue is that I was always in Johannesburg at the time. As a lover of deep house music I always followed the scene like a true disciple of house music, and if you are a disciple this is one of those events not to miss out as all.
This is the third rendition of HUSH and as per usual we do what we do best. GREAT SOUND & GREAT DJ’s. We have something special lined up, hopefully we can outdo our previous attempts.  Starting out with our first one at THE DRAGON ROOM & hosting our first international with JAMIE THINNES. This time its an all local line up in a legendary venue. Now called Manila Bar, which as we all know it was the house of all deep ”Deluxe”.
The line up:
8pm-9:30pm – Kyle Russouw & Slow Motion City (Phillip Blignaut)
9:30pm – 11pm – Adam De Smidt & Bryan Travis
11pm – 1am – Lady M (Margaret Westergreen)
1am – 4am – Soul Revolution (Cassiem Latief, Leighton Moody & Erefaan Pearce)

With a massive 3 hour set with 6 CDJ’S ,3 MIXERS & 3 DJ’S and the madness sounds, equipment and lights provided by ”Clarity”
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