#IAmCreativeForAfrica: Dylan Cairns On Being A Leader


I always get excited discovering good people that are doing great amazing things in the creative industry. This one particular person whom I’m going to chat to, he has done amazing things in his life and its fitting for us to include him on this campaign of I Am Creative For Africa. For those who don’t know what the campaign is all about, let me tell you about it. I am creative for Africa is not only about being discovered but it’s about helping people feel good about what they do creatively. Let’s chat with Dylan Cairns and find out who he is.

Who is Dylan Cairns?

Dylan Cairns is very passionate about entrepreneurship and assisting others with building their businesses/brands. Since the age of about 12, my mind was set in thinking and saying – “Anything is Possible, through God and Hard work”. I’m a family man whose purpose is to work hard and leave a legacy for my son and family while making sure I see other people succeed, grow and reach their potential.

When did you realize that you have a passion for modelling?

To be honest I don’t really have a huge passion for modeling, I’ve been blessed enough to get approached by people and brands/businesses to do shoots with a few of them on occasions, but it’s not a real focus of mine (if I can put it that way). Just really grateful for the opportunities that are presented to me.  

You have done a campaign with Puma before, take us through the journey?

It was really amazing to do a photo shoot with such a well-known brand.
I would say, the shoot came about quite quickly. It wasn’t something that was really planned or anything like that. I got a call from a photographer who needed help with the shoot. Funny enough my favorite brand at the time was Puma! So, it made it even sweeter to shoot the merchandise.

We have seen you running an organization called Youth Redemption. What drove you into getting into that realm?

Yes! Youth Redemption NPC was run (no longer running) by my good friend and I from the period 2014 – 2018. We basically started the organization to help inspire young people all over South Africa to start their own businesses and follow their passions/dreams. We were very driven to educate these young people the importance of giving back to their communities. We started an initiative called the Kick Game Grind a community project, where Youth Redemption collected and distributed more the 7 000 pairs of shoes to the less fortunate all-over South Africa. This was one of the organization’s biggest achievements which managed to get many young people involved, well-known celebrities and businesses. The organization will forever be a very uplifting thought in my mind, as it was through pure intentions of helping as many young people as possible and rightfully.

What do you think South Africa needs to change in terms of helping young people who need fundamental support like education, entrepreneurship?

I would say, obviously a lot needs to be done in this area, especially for our future generation and generations to come. Pin-Pointing the exact type of ‘fundamental support’ would be such a long list, but I feel that as South Africans we should just start supporting and encouraging our young people and all ages for that matter in whatever they are pursuing and/or working towards, for me, this can be the starting point. There’s definitely a lot of questions at the moment regarding the assistance and help we do receive but at this point supporting one another and creating opportunities for ourselves is what we can continue doing.

You are a born leader yourself. Tell us more about the future of South Africa if given the opportunity to run the country?

Good question, firstly I’d make sure that I’m fit/capable of doing the job and taking up such a huge responsibility. Regarding the future of South Africa. I would definitely drop certain salaries in (so-called) top positions in the Government especially, to start working on the poverty crisis we’ve been dealing within South Africa. I would also then make it my mission to get some sort of structure to build for people who do not have any place to stay/sleep nobody deserves to sleep on a pavement or road. Basic education for children would also be on my top priority list, through free online classes/course to very affordable Schools which are well looked after and well run. Those would be the first few steps I would take in order to make the future of South Africa a bit brighter.

 You recently got married and you have joined your wife into the digital world by content creating. We like your content by the way. Tell us more about the process of getting into that industry and the brands you have worked with?

Yes recently got married to the woman of my dreams. Regarding the content creating part, my wife solely runs that through her business. I’m literally just there to support and give her some advice where need be (based on my past experience of running a NPC). Other than that Darian runs this through her Social Media Agency Business. She has been in the industry for quite some time and in terms of fully focusing on it, I think 2020 was her year. She’s working with quite a few local and international brands in all forms (through Social Media Management, Content Creation) Brands such as My Natural Hair, Sugar bear International, Aunt Jackie’s, and many more. Please check out her website – www.reddee.co.za

What’s next for Dylan?

I’ve recently joined the Board of Directors of a Non-Profit Organization who are focused on changing lives through sport and education. Currently working on a new business venture that will be officially launched in 2021, which is focused on individuals’ mindsets and Business mentoring (very excited about this). I’m also looking into growing my business network both locally and internationally – which is going quite well so far. And lastly, hopefully, get another few photoshoots and sponsorships with some local brands in the near future.

Any advice to the youth who wants to join the digital world, modelling industry and running an NGO?

My advice is quite simple – Take some time to educate yourself about the industry/business venture you’re interested in going into, connect with, and learn from people within those industries or businesses and then, most importantly DREAM BIG NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD.