#IconicBlack Influencers Talk And Share Their Creative Indoor Experience


    Covid-19 Lockdown has affected a lot of people in South Africa. It has not only affected our day to day activities but also the way we conduct our businesses especially creative people. Iconic Black hosts Influencers Talk every once in a month but due to the lock down, the event has been postponed. Instead of whining and complaining the brand introduced a small series called the 21 Days Creative Series. The 21 Days Creative Series aims to bring solutions and challenge young creatives to start creating nomatter the situation. Iconic Black asked some of their favourite Influencers about the best part of the lock down and here’s what they have to say.

    For more information about the Creative Series or The Influencers Talk event. Make sure you visit www.iconic–black.com or follow the brand on Instagram. #Jointhemovement