iVernac Clothing – The spirit of Ubuntu

iVernac. The language and clothing of SA


Born and bred in Barberton, a small town in the province of the Rising Sun, the founder of  i-Vernac rises even higher. Mzwandile Nkosi is a BSc Dietetics student at the University of the Western Cape.


Mzwandile made a decision to create a brand that is representative of our country’s language diversity.

i-Vernac is a South African urban apparel brand that upholds, as the slogan suggests, the spirit of Ubuntu. This was an opening for Mzwandile that would allow him to spread an important message in the community through fashion.


As any young entrepreneur would tell you, nothing comes easy when all you have is a dream in the place of money. Mzwa started the brand in 2015, though he was met with first time failure. 2016 saw the dream come to life! When asked what motivated him to try again he said, “I think my motivation comes from a deep and passionate love for fashion”.

The hustle started in 2011 when Mzwandile moved to Cape Town to pursue his studies. He assisted a friend in marketing a brand he had created and saw it as a significant way of doing what he loves while learning the ropes of the business.

When the two parted ways in 2013 due to a lack of communication, Mzwa took it as an opportunity to explore other potential ventures.

In 2014, he met a gentleman who had a clothing and beads creations brand. He hopped on board to try something different. The growth of the brand required the two to attend events and be sociable to enhance marketing.

Mzwandile was trusted to create a brand for the brand which would make its debut at the upcoming event. It was a great opportunity to get the word out on the street.

Mzwa had the will to see the brand grow and meet targets. When he completed development for his logo, he wasn’t financially fit at that point to print the T-shirts.


The partner agreed to do the print-outs. Mzwa was disappointed to find out on the day of the event that his friend had printed two t-shirts, but none were for him.

“I was hurt but I didn’t ask him why he had left me out after our agreement. I just knew I had to make a change,” he said.

Regardless of the previous week’s events, Mzwa sat down and got his creative juices flowing for the benefit of the brand.

“Suddenly, a logo came to mind. I pictured a logo like none other. But it wasn’t a logo for the brand I was helping out with, it was different. It was for my own brand. I pictured the fist and the peace sign, but had no slogan. I knew I had to run with it,” said Mzwandile.


“My friend/colleague was not pleased that I’d created my own brand. That didn’t change who I am or what I wanted. I continued supporting his brand while i-Vernac came to life, and the rest is history.

Mzwandile believes that fashion is for everyone who wants it, hence the brand offers clothing manufactured to an individual’s perfect fit for both genders. In addition, i-Vernac offers a children’s range of apparel and accessories for all.

Mzwandile loves forming new relationships.  The brand’s marketing is primarily social media driven.

i-Vernac aims to obtain 70% market share and become the central hub of shopping activity in South Africa and beyond.

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Article By Phumi Masango