J Cole: 2014 Forest Hill Drive


J Cole has always had a playlist on my iPod, whether it was his first album back in 2011 with ”Cole World: The Sideline Story” or ”Born Sinner” which was released in 2013. The American hip-hop rapper latest album to his list was ”2014 Forest Hill Drive” which was for sure added to my playlist not a minute after the album was available for download on the net.

The album which sees no special appearance or guest artist, but sees a full 13 track album with Cole jamming behind the mic. He didn’t do all of this on his own, with helps from producers such as Cardiak, Vinylz, Phonix Beats, Willie B and of course Cole himself. I might not be able to say that thus is by far his best album, but it will definitely be staying on my iPod on repeat for some time to come. The album is still available for download on itunes.

Album Track-List 

  1. Intro
  2. January 28th
  3. Wet Dreamz
  4. 03′ Adolescence
  5. A Tale of 2 Citiez
  6. Fire Squad
  7. St. Tropez
  8. G.O.M.D.
  9. No Role Modelz
  10. Hello
  11. Apparently
  12. Love Yourz
  13. Note to Self