Joey Bada$$ – All Amerikkkan Bada$S (Album Review)

On the 7th of April 2017, American rapper Joey Badass (stylised Bada$$) released his much anticipated 2nd studio album, All Amerikkan Bada$$.

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This album follows his previous mix tapes of 2012 and 2013, 1999 and Summer Knights respectively and his first studio album, 2015’s B4.DA.$$. 2012’s 1999 saw the emergence of the New York native’s abilities.

The production of the album was layered with a Brooklyn feel and tempo. Much of the production was done by fellow Pro Era (Progressive Era) members. A lot of the features on the album were Pro Era members only, as well. Many critics rate 1999 as Bada$$’ best work. Something which the 22-year-old will be looking to alter with this latest record. 1999 also saw the last feature of Pro Era member CAPITAL Steez on a Joey Bada$$ record, following his controversial death in December 2012. Preceding 1999 was 2013’s Summer Knights, a less grimy and gangster rap influenced mixtape. Songs on the album such as Right On Time, Sweet Dreams, Sorry Bonita (Feat. Pro Era) and #LongLiveSteelo (a tribute song to CAPITAL Steez.

The song features a sample from fellow New York rapper Nas’ 1994 track, One Love) are proof of that. His first studio album B4.DA.$$ followed in 2015, which was relatively unsuccessful compared to his previous works. His latest album aims to rectify this. Despite the fact that the album title contains the letters kkk (Klu Klux Klan), which may suggest the rapper to his 1999 style of grimy and gangster rap, the album is spearheaded by the relatively commercial and radio friendly single, Devasted. All Amerikkan Bada$$ features a couple of big names, such as Schoolboy Q (stylised ScHoolboy Q) and fellow New York rapper J. Cole, whom he’d earlier given greenlight to use 1999’s Waves beat for J. Cole’s 2016 single Be Like This, an apparent diss to Kanye West.

All Amerikkkan Bada$$ tracklist:

  1. Good Morning Amerikkka
  2. For My People
  3. Temptation
  4. Land of The Free
  5. Devastated
  6. Y U Don’t Love Me (Miss Amerikkka)
  7. Rockabye Baby (Feat. ScHoolboy Q)
  8. Ring the Alarm (Feat. Nyck Caution, Kirk Knight and Meechy Darko)
  9. Super Predator (Feat. Styles P)
  10. Babylon (Feat. Chronoxx)
  11. Legendary (Feat. J. Cole)
  12. Amerikkkan Idol

The ”All Amerikkan Bada$$” is now available for download on iTunes