Kasiline: “The Line That Knows No Boundaries”

    Kasiline: Apparel Without Borders


    It is exactly seven years ago that the Kasiline brainchild was conceived. This was a seed that would germinate into a business hub facilitating marketing solutions, manufacturing, branding and retailing of street smart, trendy apparel with a unisex appeal as well as the promotion of up and coming musical brands.

    Hailing from the scarcely resourced rural community of Harding, Kasiline founder Mxolisi Jwara had exactly three resources to work with. In this exact order, he had determination, prayer and vision as the only ingredients that would see his vision of being a household name come to fruition.  Jwara was determined to change his destiny.  He vowed that whilst it was some kind of reality for young African men to inherit debt from their parents and lineage, his children would inherit a legacy.  Jwara wanted to change that sad reality for his offspring and those that crossed ways with him via business association. Whilst remaining prayerful, Jwara knew that hard work was a vital ingredient essential for any dream to become a reality.

    In 2013 Kasiline released a local music group, NTZEET. Their Kwaito music genre enjoyed airplay in both community and commercial radio platforms.  NTZEET also enjoyed bookings at events.  This meant that the Kasiline brand was entrenched on the consumers’ mind and Jwara’s legacy was enfolding. Mxolisi believes that the word “enough” does not exist when it comes to business and that inspired him to open up a retail shop in 2015 right in the heart of Durban CBD, selling the Kasiline apparel. He firmly believes that what separates business A from business B is how each business responds and views competition. He believes that competition is the very core of business, and without it, there will be no growth or innovation.

    Kasiline apparel clothes are sold across South Africa. Mxolisi uses courier services to send the apparel across South Africa. The brand has travelled to places that he has never been to in person. His next goal is to export overseas. Mxolisi continues to work around the clock to market the brand. He believes that as creator of this brand, he is the number one ambassador and number one fan hence he wears the Kasiline apparel as form of marketing and personal branding.

    At thirty-two years of age, Jwara enjoys a relationship with various media personalities. The Kasiline brand is enjoyed and worn by celebrities, such as Radio DJ Mroza from uKhozi FM, Kini Shandu (Gagasi FM) and Shakes and Singili (music artists). He believes in staying relevant and visible. He has secured business interviews on radio stations such as uKhozi FM, Inanda FM, Gagasi FM and Deeplomatikkradio (an online UK radio station).

    This is how Mxolisi interprets the Kasiline name: “Every day in life we follow a ‘line’ or a pattern that will lead us to a better life. Kasiline means following my passion. It also means my destiny. The more the brand succeeds, the more the line stretches. Kasi is my way of appreciating the combination of where I came from and the Line I am following. This means no matter how far I can go in life I will never forget where I come from.”