Keep Moving with confidence this summer with Shield

Leading antiperspirant brand, Shield, recently announced the launch of its brand-new Shield Even Tone variant. While this innovation is said to extend Shield’s product offering and beauty credentials, it is also guaranteed to give you that much needed confidence to keep moving this summer.

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Through the regular use of new Shield Even Tone, you can say goodbye to dark underarm marks while still enjoying the comfort of having 48-hour protection no matter how much you move.  With vitamin B3 complex as a key ingredient, Shield Even Tone reduces the appearance of dark underarm marks and uneven skin tone in just 7 days.

“One of the most common causes of dark underarm marks is shaving. The new Shield Even Tone contains the vitamin B3 Complex and is the first deodorant on the market to contain this unique active ingredient system.  Vitamin B3 works in the lowest layer of the epidermis, where melanin is produced to reduce the amount of excess melanin that is sent to the surface of the skin,” says Kuvendren Pillay, Unilever Research & Development.

“As a brand operating within the deodorant category, we understand that consumers have the primary need to reduce odour and wetness, and over the years we have strived to ensure that Shield offers the ultimate protection when you move. With the backing of a dedicated Research and Development team, we have uncovered another essential need that consumers have: the need to reduce dark underarm marks. By using new Shield Even Tone, our consumer can continue to be active, bold, and confident knowing that they have a product that works with them to present the best possible version of themselves,” says Sphelele Mjadu, Senior PR Manager for Unilever Africa.

Step out this summer with no inhibitions, embracing movement in all its forms. From fun indoor activities, to the adrenaline filled outdoors, you can rest assured that you will be #ShieldReady – goodbye to dark marks, hello to even tone.

Summer, Lifestyle, Shield, Deodorant

The Shield range includes a full spectrum of aerosols and roll-ons tailored to meet the various needs and preferences of male and female consumers. The range is available at all major retailers:

  • Shield Even Tone roll-on (RSP R18,99)
  • Shield Even Tone aerosol (RSP R24,99)

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