King Slave Boris Gets Deep With ”Slave King Choir” Mixtape


Hail To the King you must say!King Slave Boris has been known for being consistent in the music industry and with no doubt he is proving to be the best artist so far in Cape Town hip hop industry (hey stop comparing him with whoever cause we know he is the best). Apart from being a rapper and lyricist he’s also good at singing, not forgetting that handsome face (ladies stop day dreaming he’s taken now)

Well known for his song ”runny money” which was played all over South Africa, he’s back with another cool mixtape titled ‘Slave King Choir” which is due to be released on June 16 as we celebrate Youth Day. The mixtape is said to be the best of his work so far as it features artists like Lowmack Beats, Shane Williams, Dante Thee Dante, J Dubz and the new comer Mia Havenga.

Asked about what the mixtape is all about, King Slave Boris said ”the mixtape is about truth, positivity and conquering the darkness while giving people the urge to affirm their dreams into reality”. Some might say the King is being religious and all but hey get the mixtape to really know what he’s trying to talk about.

I don’t actually have a favourite song from the mixtape.I have been vibing to Rebirth but I encourage everyone who is going to listen to the mixtape to listen to it from the first song to the last song accordingly to know what I’m really trying to say, says King Slave Boris. Currently in the process of restructuring his brand, King Slave Boris has joined the leading agency (Ps more info is still coming) and you will be seeing a lot of him working with different people, organisations and brands. So you better join #TeamKingKatana