Knine Die Hond Gets New Ink And We Are Obsessed With It!


Cape Town based hip hop artist Knine Die Hond was busy this weekend with upgrading his latest inks. Well known for his song ‘‘FOK DIE MAPUZA’‘ which gave him recognition nation wide. The artist has been getting gigs in different cities lately and we can’t wait to attend his first 2020 show. Well, we will talk about that later on. First let’s focus on his latest tattoo which we are obsessed with.

Knine Die Hond performing on stage

Knine Die Hond was at Inked Addiction yesterday getting his latest ink which is an ink of  Vegeta from Dragonball Z (yes SABC 2 made an impact in our lives). For those who are wondering how many tattoos he has now?(hello ladies) Let me let you in some info. He has six tattoos now and one of them is an emoji of himself which he designed. We are definitely obsessed with his sexiness. Can we all get tattoos now? Yes?maybe? Let us know in the comments if you are getting a tattoo this year. Checkout below the artist experience on getting a tattoo.