Melky Sables Shares His Opinion Over The Current Beef In Cape Town Hip Hop Scene

Dante Thee Dante With King Slave Boris on stage

We all know what has been happening in the past week in the Cape Town Hip Hop scene. From the beef between hip hop artists to the Iconic Black artists of the year list. This week has been an interesting one in Cape Town  especially the Rap scene. Here is Melky Sables aka M3LKY 021 thoughts and ratings on the diss tracks dropped so far.

Let’s start off with twentytwentykilla, the production is dope other than that the hardest diss was aimed at his own bra, Asher what’s up??
“AJ’s only Infamous for making sell out music,couldn’t spit a harder verse than Donald Duck, got speech impediments”.
He went from naming everyone from King Slave Boris and the rest of the Tribe to dropping like a half a bar for Amy Brown.The production everything else was light. 3/10

The first response came from the King Slave Boris with Church of Appalachia(Holy Watrs). He came with the comedy, starting off with a show and skit that was funny (yeah i know copyright infringement) his voice and his multi-syllable rhyme style(adding Injury to insult he gave him a PK on that intro as well). Boris went in on the track, nearly 6 minutes.There weren’t really any standout punches, but the skits were funny. He ended it strongly though, we all remember the first Church of Appalachia, Boris slaughtered that Gareth there,he ending this track with a callback to that one with “you will always be remembered as the second Boris made in his p**”. The comedic elements are what made this diss track fire. The track gets 7/10

Lets get into the second response, Wasting Watrs by J. Carter! Firstly, the beat was fire. Carter took this personally, he snapped. He didn’t even try to mince his words. The Track was basically Carter telling Watrs to tread lightly(see what I did there?) because if he sees him he’s going to kick him.’‘People told me not to fight but you be working me up, Next time I see you, giving you a klap” says J.Carter. The track gets 6/10

The Next drop was Paradise Park(Braceface & Mansen) with Unfriendly Fire. This was interesting, because neither artist was mentioned in the initial track and they were insulted because they weren’t insulted(me too, but who am i). Braceface wasn’t that impactful. Mansen snapped though, he really wasn’t happy that he never got mentioned. He went on Watrs habit of not showing up “This nigga arty farty, thinking he gona stop me/yeah i’m bout to pull up and you a no show at the listen party”, and also made it clear, if he decides to respond, he better say his name “drop your top like Kennedy, and if you ever clap back, just make sure you fucking mention me”. This track gets 5/10

After that The Kulture dropped Dehydration. Watrs went in on twentytwentykilla and dissed Kulture’s habit of rapping off beat, so the Kulture responded by rapping off beat. There’s a part of the song where he was punched in and you can hear it and that’s off putting, it really throws the listening experience off, he had some nice punches though.“No mortal can combat this brutality”. This track gets 4/10

Then there was KNO, from the jump he went in, “Body Built like slangetjies”, this is maybe the funniest line in this whole saga! I happened to be drinking a glass of water at the time(I know ironic isn’t it? But they say its healthy), and that shit sprayed out my nose when I laughed. That shit was hilarious. Every two bar KNO took a shot, he went in on everything from his girlfriend, to him having requested a feature and KNO refusing, and his alleged cocaine use, even his rhyme-style “your syllable game wont make it to sway, especially when you’re paying for your Soundcloud plays”. He even gave us a hook!. This track gets 8.5/10

Then there was Water Restrictions, Sir Kir and MyKey responding on behalf of Arab Sosa. This one was a little controversial, in that there was a line at the end of Sir Kir’s verse that the old heads recognised as belonging to Isaac Mutant. For clarity, I hit Kir up and he said he hadn’t heard the Ike song, but that this was a commonly used insult from around his neighbourhood, all i’m saying to that is, mense are kak ombeskof innie matroosfontien.
Sir Kir killed it though and, after not really showing up on his last diss track Kamka Frans, Mykey showed up on this one. This track had them taking a page out of watrs book, as they took shots at other Emcees as well, namely two Grammy Family Alumn Deeza & Jizzy. This one had so many quotes, the pick of the bunch being when Kir went in on Watrs tattoos of Da Vincis Vitruvian Man “Weak erection, no sex drive, you a pap piel that don’t work yes/ that’s why you’ll find the mens clinic logo tattoed twice on his chest”. This track gets 8.4/10

Swigz also responded, then removed it.. just as well. So well its a 1/10

New Ratings:

1. Watr Gun – Kno
2. Water Restrictions – Sir Kir & MyKey
3. Church of Appalacia (Holy Watrs) – King Slave Boris
4. Wasting Watrs – Carter
5. Unfriendly Fire – Paradise Park
6. Dehydration – The Kulture
7. Watrs Poes – Slumlord Swigz